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Shigeru Miyamoto is one of the most important personalities in the video game industry, and there are many gamers who would give anything to meet him. That was the case of a person who saw him in 1989 and who received a business card signed by the Japanese and who is currently missing.

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This person is Tony LeCroix, a musician away from video games who had the fortune to meet Miyamoto at the end of the 80s, when he did not know who it was:

“I was in the music business, and in 1989, I was working for a country band. We were playing a festival in Japan. The promoter owned a country bar called Good Time Charlies; his name was Charlie Nagatani. Afterwards After the concert, he invited us to his bar. Upon arrival, he introduced me to his friend who could only speak broken English, but enough to communicate. We stopped at the bar and talked about music. He was very interested in the string instruments that I he looked after, like guitars and mandolins, etc. We just talked about music while sharing a few beers together, ”LeCroix said.

Shigeru Miyamoto’s business card is missing

In addition, the musician said that during the farewell was the moment in which they exchanged their cards:

“At the end of the night, when it was time to leave, he asked for my autograph; I jokingly told him I’d give him mine if he gave me his. When I took out my business card and signed it, he did the same. I noticed that after signing his name, he quickly drew a little character on it. I am not a gamer and had no idea who the little guy he drew was. Some time later in life, I saw someone playing and I recognized the character: it was Mario! ”, He confessed.

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The retired musician said he kept that card for 32 years, and until recently he realized the importance that Shigeru Miyamoto had achieved in the industry. As you can imagine, that meeting led Tony LeCroix to get an object that over the years has risen in value considerably and he wanted to know what its price was, but all he got was bad news:

“I was curious to see the value of this card and started trying to find an appraiser. I came across an ad for an auction house that specialized in games and contacted them and was convinced to send them the card for an upcoming auction. They claimed this is this. it would be the featured article. I sent them the card and now they call me and say the card is missing. “

LeCroix took this photo before mailing the card
LeCroix took this photo before mailing the card

It is worth mentioning that articles sent by mail are frequently lost, although in this case, and speaking of something unique and so valuable, it is very difficult not to think badly:

“I really think my card was stolen and it will probably appear again in the future. Honestly, I doubt that I will ever get it back, but I would really like to spread the word to the gaming community about the true history of this card, and how it came about. and how it was taken from the original owner ”, he concluded.

Sadly, it will be very difficult for Tony LeCroix to recover his autographed card, and he will only have the memory of that unknown Japanese man that he once knew and who has become someone very important in the history of video games.

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