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US politician steals an Attack on Titan opening to make it racist anti-migrant propaganda | LevelUp

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We are in a strange stage. The Internet has changed many things and changed a lot of paradigms. So much so that publishing shitposting to make political propaganda is already valid and even celebrated. The clearest proof is in a United States politician who stole the opening of Attack on Titan to transform it into racist propaganda against migrants.

As you know, illegal migration is an issue that the United States has had to grapple with for years. Although migrants have been a key piece in building that country, there are some politicians who prefer to see all the undocumented as enemies, thus spreading racist rhetoric that harms many.

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We have seen that this is done in various ways. From hateful speeches to the brutal and lethal use of police force. Now things were done a little differently when Paul Gosar, far-right politician and representative of the fourth district of Arizona, shared an edited version of the opening of the first season of Attack on Titan with elements that seem to go with racist and xenophobic intent.

What happens is that, in the video, Gosar compares the migrants with the titans of Attack on Titan. Those who know Hajime Isayama’s work know that this means that they see them as a threat that must be eliminated.

In the end, the Gosar video casts Joe Biden, current president of the United States, as the colossal titan. A detail that is sure to provoke laughter among some of the Republican anime fans.

We leave you the video below:

What did you think of this type of propaganda? Do you think it will be a long time before these types of videos become the norm? Tell us in the comments.

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