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The two faces of Alexander Isak

Alexander Isak (Solna, 1999) has the illusion of extending the great moment of form that it is going through, helping Sweden to finish leader of its group and achieving direct qualification for the World Cup ahead of a Spain that continues to be a favorite and which stands out, for above all, the game of Sergio Busquets. The Real Sociedad forward spoke with MARK before playing the two decisive games, the second against Luis Enrique’s.

Alexander Isak (22), with Sweden against Spain.

Question. He arrives in top form at these two important games for Sweden.

Answer. It is very different to be in one team or another, but, in Real, I have scored goals and, with Sweden, I have scored two in the last two games I played, against Kosovo and Greece. I feel good. I think doing well at the Real has helped me to also make my space in the national team, to have my importance.

P. There is already much talk of Spain-Sweden as the decisive match. How do you see it?

R. It seems to me that a lot is being said about that game and, at the moment, it is not the most important. We have to go to Georgia to play a good game and we have to win, being something that cost us at home. Spain also has to go to Greece and win there, being something that will not be easy. We couldn’t do it. It is not easy to play there and Spain tied at home as well. To be a very complicated game. After those two games, we will see how the classification is and what we play in that Spain-Sweden that is so much talked about.

P. You are good at matches against ‘La Roja’ …

R. It’s true. I have played two good games against them. It may be because of playing in LaLiga, something that can help me anyway, but I want to play well every game.

P. You and Kulusevski usually create many problems for the Spanish defense.

R. He is a good player. We have a good connection, but I think we play as a team and it doesn’t matter who plays. With other teammates, I also do well.

P. In these meetings, you can do it with Ibrahimovic, who returns to the list. What opinion does he deserve?

R. Okay. I think he wanted to come. I think he feels like it and the master sees it as opportune. Okay. At 40, he is doing great things and proving that age is worthless. It is a great example for everyone.

P. Spain seemed the favorite to finish first, but you still prevent it.

R. Spain is one of the best teams in the world. Of course they were and are favorites, something that is good for us, because we have done our work in the shadows and we are close to that first place. We have only the last effort left. I hope we are prepared. First, for the game in Georgia and then for the one in Spain. Hope we can finish leaders. It will be something very big for Sweden.

Q. How do you see the game in Spain? It is said that, perhaps, I risk too much …

R. It is true that Spain has a very good game with the ball. They are one of the teams that do the best and it is very difficult to defend all their good players, but it is true that when you play against them, you also usually have your chances to score.

Q. Do the criticisms reach Luis Enrique for his calls?

R. I think that’s okay. If they are at this level, it is for something.

Q. Which player will you stay with from Spain?

R. Spain has many high-level players, but I love the way Busquets plays. He is a player of very high quality and of a high level. Since I was little, I have seen many of his games and I have always liked them. I love the way he plays football. Different in Spain and in Barcelona? I don’t know that. I can not say it.

Real Sociedad’s Isak: “I’m proud to have reached 100 games”

Alexander Isak (22) celebrating his 100 games as a Real Sociedad player.

Alexander Isak (22) celebrating his 100 games as a Real Sociedad player.scar AlonsoReal Sociedad de Ftbol

Isak too I took advantage of the conversation with MARK to talk about the situation in the Royal Society. Last week exceeded the figure of 100 official matches, with the hobby txuriurdin eager for it to add at least another hundred, being something that is more feasible after its renewal this past summer until 2026. The striker, in the sights of big clubs, says he is happy in San Sebastian and does not think beyond to fight to qualify for the Champions League this season.

P. More than 100 official matches already with the Real. How do you see it?

R. I see it very well. I’m very happy. Time has gone very fast. I have played a lot and I am proud to reach this number. I don’t usually think much about the future, but I usually go season by season and the truth is that, after the first one that happened in the Real, as I was very happy here, I thought this could happen.

Q. If I ask you to keep one of all of them, will you be clear about which one will stand out?

R. I can’t say just one. I am left with many … Derbies are always special, the Cup match against Real Madrid at the Bernabu, in which we were all at a very high level and I was able to score two goals … And, of course, the final Cup, because we made history by achieving a title for the Real 34 years later.

Q. And, if I ask you for a goal of the 38 you have made, will the choice be easier?

R. I think it’s a good number, although you always want to do more. I am on it. Of all of them, I will keep the one who marked Athletic in Anoeta, in the derby two years ago.

Q. The fans are eager for me to play at least another 100. Get to 200?

R. We are going to see that. As I told you, right now I am only thinking about the current season, in which we have some nice challenges ahead. I don’t like to think too much about the future.

Q. How do you feel when you sing ‘Isak, Isak, oeoeoe, Isak, Isak’?

R. It’s something that I love them doing. She makes me very happy. It makes me want to score more goals so they do it more times. It’s an incredible hobby. He always gives us a lot of energy, I appreciate his love and the fans have mine too. From the first day I arrived in San Sebastian, I have felt people very close to me. I have noticed everyone’s support. I also have to be grateful to the Real fans.

P. In summer, I renewed until 2026. That means that he is happy in the Real, right?

R. I had a good year with La Real. Also with Sweden, Euro Cup included, but, in the end, I decided to sign here, because I am very happy at this club. We have a great team, with good and young players and a club that is growing every year and wants to continue like this. This is very important. I see that the ambitions are high, that there are many possibilities to continue achieving important things and, since I am happy, because of all that I renewed.

P. They put 90 million clauses on it. Are many millions? Is it worth it?

R. That’s not a thing we players get into. They are club themes. We play and then the clubs negotiate and decide what is paid for a player.

Q. You have been at Real for three years and, in all three, the team has been a leader. You know that doesn’t happen often, right?

R. That indicates that we have done well in the beginning. So we have started as leaders, but we have not finished the same. Starting well helps, but in the end, the important thing is where you end up. We have been sixth, then fifth … In the dressing room, we always want to do better and the ambition is to enter the Champions League. I think we can do it, but for that we still have to win a lot of games.

P. With a template in which it is having more and more weight.

R. I also want to bring energy off the field. Not just inside. I want to contribute to the Real in all facets.

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