Sunday, December 5

The Tomorrow Children will return: Q-Games regains the rights to the game published by Sony

The Tomorrow Children, an experimental game from Q-Games, to return in the future. This 2016 title debuted for the PlayStation 4, published by Sony, and featured a futuristic Soviet dystopa where players collaborate to build a city, defend it from attack by giant monsters, and collect resources from periodically appearing “islands.” It had a public beta, then it was released in Early Access, and finally a free model.

However, the game was a failure and just a year later the servers closed. In this time Q-Games has received requests to recover it and its director Dylan Cuthbert showed his interest in reviving it but the decision was in the hands of Sony. Finally Q-Games has announced that It has obtained the rights and to return, although it has no date or announced platforms.

“Despite having a large number of fans around the world who add up to hundreds of hours each, the game was shut down a year after it was released and has not been playable since“says the developer.” Now Q-Games work to rebuild The Tomorrow Children and get it back to his beloved fans. “

Be a version with improvements

Cuthbert appreciates the support of the fans who have kept the dream alive for the past four years.. “I think the best part of this decision is to imagine the joy of those fans when they step back into this crazy post-apocalyptic neo-Soviet world of The Tomorrow Children“.

Secondly, he thanks Sony for allowing work on the license and announces that there will be changes: “I am tweaking and redoing parts of the game every week, and I hope that everyone will follow us to get involved in the process. We plan to make some changes for the better and give The Tomorrow Children the relaunch it deserves“.

The Tomorrow Children avoid falling into the sack of the too free open world by clearly marking inadequacies and threats to the group. The key is in progress, collective and own. The work carried out makes sense and reflects personal or our city “, we have in the analysis. “Now, does this type of game fit into your entertainment philosophy? Even if you are one of the players disappointed with some similar resource-harvesting game, this title might surprise you: the unpredictability and the social factor of collaboration reduce the repetitiveness that these games usually suffer. It cannot yet be said that it is for all tastes, but it has it easier to hook a diverse audience. “

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