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Spanta, don’t let the mischievous ghosts escape you

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Spanta is the new title from Cacahuete Games publishing house designed by Javier Martínez and Lorena Gestido, the members of Sulker. The company will seek the necessary funding to produce the game with a crowdfunding campaign on Verkami.

Spanta is a family board game designed for 2 to 4 players, with a recommended age from 10 years old, and with games with a variable duration that ranges between 20 and 30 minutes.

Players are the guardians of the Spanta Cemetery. A place where any party is a good excuse for ghosts to go out to perform mischief, so we must capture them to return them to their place.

Oh no! The ghosts have escaped again. The same story every Halloween… and Christmas; and Easter, Hanukkah, Monday, geek pride day … any day is a good excuse to go out to do mischief, or so the ghosts of the cemetery of Spanta think. Of course, guarding these tombs is not an easy task. Every night capturing ghosts and putting them back in their correct place is really exhausting… If I found out, I would never have taken this job… And on top of that they paint themselves in colors! … With how comfortable he was at the “Burger Princess”.

A quick look at Spanta

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The game combines a mechanic of cards and dice, the game has a variable duration of turns, and each turn is divided into four phases:

  1. Throwing: Everyone rolls their dice up to three times.
  2. Capture: Players place their dice two by two on the ghosts although, in order to place a pair of dice, they must meet the requirements of the spectrum.
  3. Placement: Players discard a ghost from their hand to bring down a ghost of the same color or shape into their play area.
  4. Cleaning: Ghosts that players have not been able to capture are discarded and new ones are removed.

The game continues until there are no more ghosts left, at which point the points are counted, according to the target card of each player, and the one who has obtained the highest amount will be the winner.

Spanta has been designed by Javier Martínez and Lorena Gestido, responsible for RabbitZ and Robots, Ranking, Alien 51 or Fruits among others.

The company that will be in charge of the edition of the board game is Peanut Games, which have already launched various titles, aimed at a family audience, such as El Valle Secreto, Camping Life, Poule Poule or Cat Cafe.

Peanut Games will launch a crowdfunding campaign at Verkami in 2022 to fund Spanta. You can follow the preview of the campaign in the following link

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