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Scorn’s Studio Is Committed To Improving Its Communication With Its Fans | LevelUp

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Scorn It is a game that is on its way to Xbox consoles and PC that users of these platforms are looking forward to the most. However, it is also one that has been a long time in development and one more delay was recently announced. The news was not very well received and, as promised, the Ebb Software studio has just released a friendlier update that offers more details.

Although the original update was heartfelt, it was not well received for the tone that was used to communicate with fans and the people who funded the project. Because of this, Ebb Software apologized and prepared a new update.

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In the new statement, written by Ljubomir Peklar, creative director of the project and CEO of the company, it was cited that “the large scope, high production values ​​and some overly ambitious estimates” in relation to the development schedule are some of the reasons why the planned dates have been postponed.

“Although slower than we expected, our progress is promising. The construction of the game, the world and the experience are doing well,” said Peklar, detailing that the study has grown from the 20 people there were when the Kickstarter was launched. original to 56 members that it currently has.

Ebb Software promises better communication with its followers

After the bad response to the original publication, Ebb Software once again acknowledged its error and apologized, apart from the fact that it proposed to change the way it communicates with fans and people who support the project.

According to Peklar, the developer knows that they failed to keep their fans informed regarding the game in the last year (they have not shared a new trailer since October 2020) and reiterated in a more polite way that they preferred to use the time to progress in development and not so much in promotional material.

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However, the study wants to improve in this aspect and therefore revealed that from now on there will be a role in its team dedicated to the community through which to share news and updates and thus generate a 2-way communication between the study and the fans.

As part of keeping its community abreast of future development progress, Ebb Software also announced that there will be monthly releases (starting in December) containing development updates, glimpses of game resources and the creative team, as well as question and answer sessions.

Most interestingly, the studio promised to “share more trailer, news and content with the world” as the release date approaches.

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Scorn It will debut sometime in 2022 as an Xbox exclusive on consoles, other than PC. You can find more news related to this title if you visit this page.

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