Sunday, November 28

Ruin Raiders, turn-based fighting on PC and Switch • Console and Dashboard

Ruin Raiders It is already a reality on PC (Steam and Epic) and on Nintendo Switch, by the hand of OverPowered Team and Freedom Games. We are facing a game of dungeon exploration, with turn-based combat.


Taking as a reference XCOM, Mutant Year Zero, Moonlighter and Space Hulk, this title leads us to lead military squads through the ruins of an ancient civilization.

Success will come by mastering turn-based combat, but also by crafting new technologies. The catacombs are full of secrets to discover, with which to shed light on the past. Specifically, the truth will appear when finding old manuscripts.

As its creators point out, the depths will be filled with demonized beings. We’ll face off with unique final bosses, while unlocking new races and upgrading our guys, their weapons, and their items. The levels are procedurally generated, so no two games will be the same.

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