Sunday, November 28

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl need fully integrated Mythic Events to shine

If Pokémon Diamond and Shining Pearl really want to replace the originals, they must include all the Mythicals that were exclusive to the event.

As with the vast majority of Pokémon games, the original 2006 Pokémon Diamond & Pearl featured a variety of exclusive events tied to real-world locations. You basically went to a sweaty little shop full of sweaty little gamers and they gave you a little sweaty code to meet Arceus or Darkrai or sweaty little Manaphy. What’s that, Manaphy just got out of the water? Sorry, it’s a little hard to tell in all this sweat, no.

Regardless, this was part of a trend that started with the original Pokémon games and continues today. Fortunately, Sword & Shield has slightly revamped things to make events a bit more accessible, at least outside of Mythicals. In the last month alone, we got the shiny Zacian and Zamazenta, as well as the Charizard made popular by Global Show champion Leonardo Bonanomi, not bad.

The thing is, the more typical events have been integrated into Pokémon before, so it is clearly possible to receive rare and beloved monsters outside of Mystery Gift. At HeartGold & SoulSilver, everyone who bought the game got access to the original Gen 2 Celebi event. You didn’t have to leave the house or spend extra money – you got the GS Ball, you went to Ilex Forest, and you were always given a chance to catch the best mythical Pokémon. If you disagree with me, I will accept Mew or Jirachi as possible alternatives; any other opinion is objectively wrong.

This same idea must be implemented in Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl for the Gen 4 remakes to realize their full potential. We need to get a Moon Wing and head to the Island of the Full Moon to catch Cresselia as part of the main game. I want Oak to send us a letter after we go through the Pokémon League about a mysterious hedgehog in Flower Paradise. If you read my outrageous 3,000 word theory on the connection between BDSP and Legends: Arceus last week, you know that I won’t be happy with anything less than a complete recreation of the appearance of the Pokémon God Hall of Origin.

I don’t think Nintendo has anything to lose by adding these types of events to the game. They all already exist, so switching assets to the new chibi aesthetic doesn’t involve any more groundwork than ILCA already has to do elsewhere. On top of that, fans will inevitably be delighted with the opportunity to meet all these rare ‘monsters’. Since all previous mainline remakes have included a lot of bonus content, this is a surefire way to extend runtime without having to work with all the new material. From an external perspective, there are no apparent downsides.

That is why I strongly believe that Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl will incorporate all of the major Gen 4 events, although I am reluctant to get my hopes up if they don’t. It seems like an obvious way to win over gamers and remind us why Gen 4 was so special all those years ago, but it’s also something that could easily be ignored in the service of something else: better graphics, new animations, or additional parts for the BDSP Delta Episode equivalent. . If it were up to me, none of these elements would have as much weight as the integration of mythical events, but again, I’m not the one who makes Pokémon games, right?

I feel compelled to admit that Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl will be good with or without built-in events. They will sell many copies, receive unanimous praise from fans, and will likely make children around the world smile when Santy leaves them under the Christmas tree later this year.

However, if you really want to shine brightly, if you want to be held in the same unmatched esteem as HeartGold and SoulSilver, built-in Mythic Events are a must. We hope to get our hands on a membership card for the Canalave closed inn, eh? Respect the name of Darkrai.

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