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Players Think The Orange Box Will Come To Xbox Game Pass | LevelUp

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Something exciting about Xbox Game Pass is its rotation of titles, initially because it ensures that the games that are part of the service are kept for a considerable time and then give place to new deliveries. To this, we must add the hype that is usually generated with the publications that hint at what is coming for the service and this time there is great expectation for what will be announced this week.

Big Valve games could be coming to Xbox Game Pass

The official Xbox Game Pass account on Twitter ignited the hype of users by stating in a publication that this week they will turn orange, confirming that there will be a surprise announcement about the game or games that will soon arrive on the service. The detail in question is that this has been taken as the possible debut of The Orange Box on Xbox Game Pass, either for PC, console or both since it is available on both platforms.

In case you don’t know The Orange Box has been considered one of the best deals in the history of gambling, as it is a collection of Valve games that includes Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2: Episode One, Half-Life 2: Episode 2, Portal and Team Fortress 2, that is, some of the best FPS in history.

At the time, The Orange Box It had versions for Windows and Xbox 360, so its arrival on Xbox Game Pass for console and PC should not be a problem.

However, as exciting as this is, the official announcement has not yet been made, so it only remains to wait for the official Xbox Game Pass accounts to work their magic.

Stay informed, in LEVEL UP.

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