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Philipp Lienhart: “At Real Madrid you can see U-17 players walking around with 500 euro toiletry bags. I don’t think this is necessary”




Philipp Lienhart (Lilienfeld, Austria, 1996) has become one of the mainstays in defense of the great sensation of the Bundesliga, Christian Streich’s Freiburg, who occupies the third place. The Black Forest team was, until this weekend’s defeat against Bayern, the only undefeated in the Bundesliga. Much of this success resides in the defense led by the Austrian central defender. Lienhart has played every minute of the championship and has scored two goals with ‘Los Buitres’..

The center-back came to the German team from Real Madrid in 2017. He was for four years in white discipline, in the ranks of Castilla. At the subsidiary he was at orders from Ramis first and Zinedine Zidane subsequently. Even He made his debut in the Copa del Rey with the first team, under the command of Rafa Bentez, in the famous game of the undue alignment of Cheryshev against Cdiz.. The Austrian center-back has reviewed his stay in the white team on the ‘Transfermarkt’ website.

Hypothetical duel with Madrid in the Champions League: “Ugh, that’s a long way off. We’re not looking at it at all, but we’re not looking down right now either. We always go game by game. We want to keep this streak going for as long as possible.”

Possible return to Real Madrid: “It is a very big step. I would have to progress more to make it possible. It would be good to have the opportunity to come back. It was a great experience that I was able to live and I would not say no to a possible return.”

Zidane and Streich have in common that they improve the players

Philipp Lienhart

Comparacin entre Zidane y prank: “It is difficult to compare, I am not very to do it. Each coach is different. If I had to say something, Streich is more emotional and Zidane more calm. What they have in common is that both, improve their players”.

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Differences between Real Madrid and Freiburg: “Freiburg is a more family-friendly club and that makes it special. At Real Madrid it’s different.”

Two Champions with Madrid: “It is something that I do not value or think about. Only journalists remind me of it.”

I don’t think it is necessary for a young player to win so much money, in this way many talents are lost

Philipp Lienhart

The young people of Real Madrid: “I was surprised to see U-17 players walking around with 500 euro bags. I don’t think that is necessary … I think it is not good when a young player earns so much money, he can lose sight of what is really important in his career. this way many talents are lost. “

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