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Nintendo still thinks voice chat in the Switch Online app is a good idea | LevelUp

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Mario Party Superstars It was released on October 29 and it has been a success for its managers who continue to promote the game with different videos. One of them was published this same day and drew attention for emphasizing the use of voice chat provided by the Nintendo Switch Online app.

Mario Party Superstars has been well received by fans

As you surely know, the Nintendo Switch only offers voice chat in some of its games through a mobile application and a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online, a situation that has been highly criticized by console users.

Despite the opinions of the players, it seems that Nintendo is happy with what its service offers and has once again used the chat as the protagonist of one of its videos, now using Mario Party Superstars.

Here you can see it:

According to the video, voice chat is a good option for everyone to enjoy the mini-games of Mario Party Superstars, and shows how comfortable and even fun it can be to use it in those online challenges.

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However, we are sure that more than one will disagree with what is shown in this Nintendo UK material and will continue to demand that the company offer something within its hardware that allows adequate communication and without the need to use other devices.

Do you like to use voice chat on Nintendo Switch Online? Let us know in the comments.

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