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Miyamoto Wants The Next 3D Mario To Expand The Saga As Odyssey | LevelUp

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Super Mario Bros. It is a benchmark in the industry and one of Nintendo’s best-known franchises. Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of the popular saga, already has some ideas for his future in mind, especially after the success he had Super Mario Odyssey and its formula.

During a meeting on Nintendo’s financial results, the legendary developer spoke about what he would like to see in Mario and co’s next 3D adventure. In addition, he revealed why they worked and created the series New Super Mario Bros some years ago.

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Miyamoto wants to expand the horizons of Super Mario

Miyamoto explained that New Super Mario Bros. exists to offer a more accessible experience to fans of the franchise’s 3D games, which are not straightforward for all types of players who enjoy the series.

The creative stated that since the launch of Super Mario Galaxy they set the goal of creating a Super Mario that was within the reach of anyone’s abilities. This gave way to New Super Mario Bros for Wii, which focused on side scrolling.

This idea later led to the creation of Super Mario Run, which reduced the proposal of the saga to its simplest and most accessible experience. Miyamoto explained that his development philosophy is to always implement new things, but taking into account less experienced players.

Miyamoto highlighted the proposal and the success of Super Mario Odyssey, the most recent installment that meant a step forward for the saga. Because of this, Nintendo will continue to look for ways to expand the franchise and bring it to larger audiences in the future.

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“Recently people of all generations have enjoyed the 3D Mario game Super Mario Odyssey (released in 2017), so for the future of Mario in 3D, we want to try to expand even more in new ways, “said Miyamoto.

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