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Mass Effect: Legendary Edition receives missing DLC ​​thanks to mod

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition was released last May with all the content of the three main installments of the BioWare trilogue except for two absences: the multiplayer of Mass Effect 3 and its associated DLCs, although this may come in the future, and the expansin Pinculo Station, a DLC for the first Mass Effect which was not included in this remastered collection because the source code had been lost. The company admitted at the time that they discarded the idea of ​​recovering it because it would have taken six more months of work and it was not worth it; precisely six months later a group of fans has published this material after a long recovery process.

The group ME3Tweaks has published a mod that allows access to this DLC from Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, an add-on available here and that, for obvious reasons, only available for PC. In Pinculo Station we can put our combat prowess to the test by passing a series of training camps: there are four scenarios with four different combat modes, and if we beat the rest of the competitors in 12 simulations we will receive a unique award.

Without content cuts and with improvements to the Legendary Edition

This mod allows us to access Pinnacle Station with the improvements that BioWare applied to the three games of Mass Effect in its Legendary Edition. There are no content cuts from the original DLC, but I do know certain differences such as slight difficulty adjustments and bug fixes, as well as music in all levels.

Recovering this content has not been easy, but this project, which started simply with the idea of ​​recovering the apartment that Shepard has in the DLC, has managed to do it. From ME3Tweaks have published a extensive article in which They tell you step by step how the recovery process has been, including curiosities that have been found throughout development.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition It is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. You can read our analysis here and take a look at our guide here.

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