Sunday, November 28

Lies of P, the Dark Souls-style Pinocchio game, shows its playability for the first time

Lies of P is a video game that seeks reinterpret the traditional story of Pinocchio turning it into a action-RPG style of Dark Souls. So, how it sounds. We met him for the first time in May of this year, but his managers, the Ukrainian developer Round8 Studio and the Korean publisher Neowiz, they had not yet shown their gameplay. Until today. Thanks to a new trailer of Lies of P We have been able to see the gameplay of this peculiar project that does not yet have a specific launch window, but we do know that will come out on consoles and PC, in fact it already has Steam page.

Below you can see it example thriller gameplay from Lies of P:

A game that fools no one

On Lies of P we will visit Krat, a city steampunk once full of life but now it has been conquered by a kind of army of automatons. These dark machines will serve as enemies for Pinocchio, whose main objective is to find Mr. Geppetto and reverse the curse that ravages this city. As you can see in the trailer, the wooden child is not as innocent as in the Disney versions: now has a mechanical arm whose parts can be interchanged to unlock different abilities that are combined with the weapon that you can wield in your other hand.

“You will walk the streets of a city in ruins, making weapons with the materials you find in the world and interacting with the few that remain who manage to survive in this pre-industrial hell, “says the official description of the game, which also reveals that Lies of P take into account the curse by which we all know Pinocchio: “The more you lie, the more human you become, with all the advantages and disadvantages that this entails. Deep narrative options and deeply customizable character progression round out the RPG features in Lies of P“.

Lies of P has no release date, but we know that it will reach PC and consoles, platforms for which it is being developed in Unreal Engine 4. This month new details of its history and playable characteristics will be published, and in the coming months we will know new details of the project.

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