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Learn about the benefits of integrating innovations in the area of ​​games • Console and Dashboard

If any game combines the innovation and culture of the 20th and 21st centuries, it is slot machines. One of its greatest advances is found in the online mode, so in a simple way we can find the best pages for playing slots and look at your very innovative options.

If we follow the trajectory of slot machines from their origins in the late 19th century to the present, we can record the technological footprint of more than a century, as well as the trends, tastes and preferences of humanity from that period.

Rapid transformations in the last century

Starting with an automated but mechanical device with reels and levers, going through electronics, continuing through videos, all the way to the digital world, slots have evolved with the times. Similarly, video games have been characterized by their influence, their adaptation to new technologies, fashions and trends.

From Liberty Bell to 3D slots and many other advances that are constantly applied by their developers, there have been an infinite succession of changes and transformations. Something equivalent happens with video games.

If we go back to that first tennis game created in 1958 by William Higginbotham, and the subsequent emergence generated in the 1970s in which video games catapulted his progress, to blockchain-based NFT video games.

Successive innovations and amazing results

One of the characteristics of innovation is the combination of elements, which come from different fields to create something new. Video game and slot developers are great at this. Both spheres of the game world synthesize and integrate various variables and factors.

3D technology has had moments of boom and progressive advances, we are amazed to know that it has an origin briefly before that of photography. In 1939 the British Charles Wheatstone, showed with his demonstrations how, from the combination of images perceived by the right and left eyes, the brain creates a 3D view by receiving images in different and parallel planes, the brain interprets by calculating the distance and depth, consequently, provides three-dimensionality to a flat image.

To demonstrate his conclusion, Wheatstone created a device that consisted of a viewer that sent a unique image to each eye and with them he designed the world’s first stereoscope, the primary foundation of virtual reality and various advances, not only in the world of entertainment but also also of science.

The application of 3D technology

Although video games in the 1990s incorporated the 3D perspective, this type of technology does not stop in the area of ​​videos is permanently optimized. Likewise, the development of 3D slot machines implies the incorporation of new advances, they have incorporated intense graphics and other advances that have been generated after the development of the internet and digitization.

When we play with a 3D slot machine, they show us videos in a succession of three-dimensional images that, without using special glasses, achieve a three-dimensional visual perception, thanks to the set of digital techniques used in the graphics.

In the case of 3D slots, the objective is to make the action we observe as close to reality as possible. Produce the feeling of depth and that the visual elements that interact can be reached in front of us. The purpose is to make the experience feel as realistic as possible. That is the intention of the game designers.

History and challenges to reach new levels

Advances in 3D technology make old video slots look primitive. However, we must remember that each novelty, regardless of whether they seem basic and rudimentary today, meant the integration of various advances. So was the first slot machine, and so is any of the newest and most innovative online casino slot machines.

Similar to video games, some 3D slots feature a narrative or story that frames the game. In this way, as you play and achieve goals, you can move forward. Players simultaneously invest in two processes: in the story and the game. With this, the concept of unlocking levels has been incorporated and greater challenges and challenges are promoted to continue the round of games. However, it is important to note that a 3D slot machine does not need to contain a story.

Not only slot machines have taken elements from video games, video games have also incorporated casino and slot games as side missions within their games. This is innovation and technology, achievements and results of one sector are used for the development of other games, thanks to the immense range of options provided by the virtual era.

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