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It appears that Elden Ring will not allow players to pause the game

After the in-depth reveal of the Elden Ring game last Thursday, fans acknowledge that a FromSoftware menu feature appears to be making a return.

Elden Ring details and information are becoming more common after a long period of silence regarding the marketing of the game. Now that the game has been revealed, with official footage from Lands Between and Elden RingCreative boss designs, fans can now form speculative theories based on what they have seen.

Elden RingThe expansive open world is a new effort for exceptional level design from FromSoftware. With such a large company, FromSoftware is also employing unique details and mechanics that can be associated with other open world games. Recently, many fans may have been too busy with Elden Ringnew crafting inventory to notice a subtle but intentional FromSoftware mechanic that Elden Ring may have repressed.

However, intrepid fans of FromSoftware have recognized that the item creation menu will feature a semi-transparent background where players can see and move their character. If someone has not played Dark souls O Bloodborne before, they may not know why this is an intriguing design. In fact, the fact that these menus do not pause the game means that the player is stuck in their current situation and is forced to sit with the often perpetual tension of the game with their guard constantly raised.

Because some gamers may be familiar with FromSoftware’s intentional lack of a pause screen, this option to Elden RingThe menus may not be all that surprising. However, fans like Reddit_Fool argue that there are clever loopholes players can take to technically pause the game, such as literally exiting and returning to the same place without losing progress or returning to the game’s respective “bonfires.”

Although Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice broke this FromSoftware mold and featured a legitimate pause screen, fans like Tinko01 believe this change to FromSoftware’s common menu mechanics is due to Ax single player offline only, where the “online invasions” and online cooperative play featured in other FromSoftware games would not be interrupted. Of course, Elden Ring has confirmed online support for co-op mechanics, so it seems appropriate that a separate menu screen be reapplied here.

Otherwise, fans are usually fine with this mechanic that is implemented in Elden Ring as long as the obscured visibility of your character and remote area is not an obstacle in a menu. Fortunately, it seems that there are ways to further reduce a screen or other UI elements if players so desire.

Although many other functions and mechanics are shown during Elden RingThe game preview may be of greater importance, fans are still intrigued by the features and assets that will return from previous FromSoftware games that have made the developer critical to the industry.

Elden Ring launches February 25 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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