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Gen X Games and Nosolorol present the first case of The Jury • Console and Table

A new collection of research board games. So we could define The judge, series that will arrive very soon, from the hand of Gen X Games and Nosolorol. The publishers will release, in this month of November, the first box: The case of the golden carp.


The Jury: The Case of the Golden Carp is scheduled to premiere on November 18. At the moment, it is in the pre-order phase. Its price will revolve around 15 euros.

We are facing a challenge of 2 to 12 players, 45 minutes long, indicated from the age of 15. Created by Celine Pieters and illustrated by Raphael Vanleemputten, we will form a jury to use our capacity for analysis and decision.

The action starts after a judicial investigation. A court of first instance judges criminal cases, with accusation and defense testimonies. After the trial, the jury meets behind closed doors. His homework? Deliberate and issue a verdict, based on your convictions.

Thus, we will be at that very moment, sharing impressions with our colleagues. Victory will come if our decision coincides with the final revelation. At the end of the day, the ideal is that the legal truth coincides with reality, as those responsible remember.

After setting the stage, the game begins. We must know that the jury cards will be in charge of directing the players’ attention to certain points. During their turn, each participant will share (unless otherwise indicated) the content of their jury letter and then take the action.

The voting they will be present throughout the challenge, either by show of hands or anonymous, through the final voting letters. Following a simple majority mechanic, we will determine if the accused is guilty or innocent.

In order not to ruin the experience, it is important that we do not disclose the marked components until the time is right. We can only enjoy it once per group, since once the final revelation is known, it would be pointless to return a verdict.

Gen X Games and Nosolorol confirm that they will soon publish new cases of The judge. Specifically, The case of the boatman and The case of the wine stopper.


  • 24 Final Vote Letters
  • 12 Jury Letters
  • 4 Sealed Research Sheets
  • Final Revelation
  • Board
  • Instructions (Spanish)

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