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Forza Horizon 5: Why are you meeting so many more players in the world?

Strolling through the roads, deserts, jungles, towns and volcanoes of Mexico in Forza Horizon 5 You will meet other players who are doing the same in their games. It is not a new feature of the game, but it does happen with much more often what in Forza Horizon 4. Ben Thaker-Fell, chief designer from gameplay at Playground Games, he explained to us in an interview with Zoom the reason: a change in the open world and an improvement in the servers which causes the game to be more full of life.

“In terms of server technology, in Forza Horizon 4 we made the move, which I think was incredibly successful, of doing the default online game. The world was covered with a server reaching 72 players, and watch these players as you drive, “explains Thaker-Fell. For the new installment that is available from November 9 they have added features” with the same values ​​of being a friendly and welcoming world “, such as auto ghost, which prevents those players from colliding with you and vice versa, but the concept has been “expanded”.

“Instead of being a server that covers the world with 72 people, now there are many servers containing up to 96 players. The number of servers has increased multiple times, which means that the world now connects thousands of players as you drive through it, “explains the developer.

“So instead of having 72 players spread out unevenly around the world (maybe a lot of people at the festival, others participating in Forza Horizon Live, others skidding in Edinburgh), now as you conduct you connect to different servers while traveling, and you have a much larger pool of players. “

Forza Horizon 5

This has the effect that “the world seems more crowded, there is more life, there are more interesting things to see”, according to Thaker-Fell. “In game modes that take place in the open world, such as Horizon Arcade, there will be more opportunities to get together with other players, and the sessions will be complete without being a detriment to the other game modes. “

“In summary”, concludes the designer of gameplay, “You connect to a lot more people and the world feels fuller and denser. There are more opportunities to be socially connected and meet people, participate in the Forza Link chat system… I think there are real advantages that we have achieved with the new server technology. “

On sale now and available on Xbox Game Pass

In the interview with Playground Games we have talked about other issues, such as the game design philosophy behind multiplayer and why they have decided that there is no end to the campaign. On our analysis We have rated the game as an outstanding title, something that Xbox Game Pass subscribers and those who buy the standard version of the game can already see.

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