Sunday, November 28

Electronic Arts will bring back a ‘much loved saga’, according to a rumor

Electronic Arts would be preparing the return of one of its most remembered sagas, according to a new rumor. The leak starts from insider and editor Tom Henderson, known for his articles in various media such as VGC and IGN. In this case he has published a simple message on social networks where he says “new scoop for tomorrow, EA is working to bring back a saga that fans adored in its time.” Tomorrow, November 10, the game will be revealed.

EA has a large catalog of games so it is difficult to know which game he is referring to, and also some of the most in-demand releases have confirmed their return. We refer for example to Skate 4, the skateboarding saga, o Dead Space, which will have a kind of remake or reboot. What other popular series does EA have? Could it be Burnout, although Criterion is currently commissioned with Need for Speed. There are also the extreme sports of SSX, the accin of Medal of Honor -that came back for virtual reality with Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond-, Command & Conquer O Mirror’s EdgeMirror’s Edge Catalyst 2016 sales failures-.

Henderson has not given clues at the moment about the type of project to which it refers, if it’s a remastering in the style of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, a full remake or an original sequel.

Electronic Arts opened the possibility of remastering games

Until a few years ago EA was one of the few publishers to oppose the idea of ​​remastering their games., but it seems that the success of some of his latest titles has changed the idea of ​​the study, starting with Burnout Paradise Remastered, Command & Conquer Remastered Collection and the aforementioned collection of the three Mass Effect. Now that you no longer have the exclusive license to Star Wars, Electronic Arts seems willing to recover the diversity of its catalog beyond sports games and Battlefield.

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