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Disregard officially delayed until 2022

After very little news about the game over the past few months, it turns out that Scorn is running late, with an official announcement coming in.

After months of very little news on Xbox Series X play Disdain, fans finally got an update from developer Ebb Software GmbH. Turns out that Disdain It will be delayed sometime in 2022.

First announced for the PC, Scorn has been in development for several years. In fact, it’s been in development long enough that some of its most devoted fans and followers have complained to the developers about the wait. That could be one of the reasons why, when Ebb Software finally admitted there was going to be a delay, the message had some pointed comments that seemed directed at those who had been complaining.

The delayed announcement of the Xbox Series X console exclusive came via its official Kickstarter page as part of “Project 10 Update.” The announcement began with the promise to shed some light on what developers are doing and thinking. He also did his best to downplay the idea that the wait for Scorn has been so long or that the lack of news since last October was so important.

The developer went on to say that since the last Disdain the trailer was released, he’s just been working on trying to polish things up. While downplaying that lack of information, Ebb Software also made it very clear that it felt as if some of the impatience he had been seeing from some of the game’s most devoted fans was mainly due to the “hype.” That included what the company believes were some promotional materials that didn’t do the game much good.

The long post touched on a number of different topics, most of which seemed to be about how fans of Disdain they were interacting with the developers while waiting for news on when the game would finally release. The end of the post was where Ebb Software confirmed that the game had slipped out of the 2021 release window.

“For the record, yes, the game has entered 2022,” the post read. He then went on to explain that there will be some kind of official announcement on December 10. However, the developer also warned that there was a possibility that even this official announcement could be delayed even further. The company said that if another delay was needed on more news about the game, it would let its Kickstarter fans know. The post closed on a slightly sour note, with Ebb Software telling its followers that if the lack of communication bothered them, they could request their Kickstarter money back and receive it, so they could move on.

Disdain is coming to PC and Xbox Series X in 2022.

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