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Dexter: 10 best villains in the series, ranked

On a show with a leading man like Dexter Morgan, it’s difficult to create an appropriate villain. Yet these characters create a fascinating dynamic.

Since the title character in Right handed he’s a literal serial killer, he’s pretty hard to beat him when it comes to the series’ villains. Dexter Morgan himself, being one of the smartest and most capable characters on the show, makes everyone else seem less terrifying. Still, every story needs a villain of some kind. While some fall short of Dexter’s bloodlust and low-key, others have made up for it with showmanship.

Of course, the Bay Harbor Butcher is still the best dog, but some serial killers have proven quite useful to both him and the MMPD. Some of Right handed’The most formidable villains are not even bad people, but vigilant and law-abiding detectives. Dexter’s murder spree is always challenged by these characters throughout the series. Hopefully some of them will be considered for the reboot, Dexter: new blood.

Miguel Prado (season 3)

Miguel Prado is one of the most unlikely villains to be found here, as he is actually one of the highest law enforcement entities of any state, a deputy prosecutor. However, that doesn’t stop him from falling into madness after finding out that Dexter is a serial killer.

Miguel befriends Dexter and allows him to dive into his lifelong obsession with Bay Harbor Butchering. It’s one of the least credible notions on the show, but the plot had to move somehow. Regardless, Miguel was a careless time bomb and even one of the least competent villains on the show. Still, he managed to kill a powerful figure and became a thorn stuck in Dexter’s side.

Lila West (season 2)

Speaking of thorns on Dexter’s side, Lila West was one of the most intimate with Dexter of all the villains on the show. He even managed to force Dexter to cheat on Rita Bennett. Like Miguel, Lila also discovered Dexter’s deepest secret, the “dark passenger,” albeit unintentionally.

This didn’t end well, and Lila ended up fitting, sometimes by force, into Dexter’s life and circle. She not only killed James Doakes, but also nearly ruined Angel Batista’s life. The reason he’s so low in the rankings is that most of his actions were only possible thanks to luck or the convenience of the plot.

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Maria Laguerta (became a villain in season 7)

One of the few villains with a straight moral compass, Maria Laguerta, who was Captain of the MMPD in Season Seven, continued Sgt. The legacy of James Doakes. At that point in the series, he finally realized why Doakes was accusing Dexter all the time.

Laguerta even managed to arrest Dexter in an unceremonious way, but that didn’t matter much to the Bay Harbor Butcher, thanks to Deborah Morgan. Dexter’s sister reluctantly saved him from Laguerta’s surveillance, something that he otherwise would not have been able to escape due to the power and influence of the MMPD Captain.

George King (temporada 3)

This former Nicaraguan soldier was one of the few villains on the show who was about as capable as Dexter. King was also the head of the Nicaraguan Army’s interrogation unit and applied his veteran experience to his Miami victims. What he did was even more painful and grotesque than Dexter’s modus operandi: King skinned his victims alive before killing them.

Dexter at least had an intact moral compass, while King was a true sadist and didn’t care much about the feelings of his victims. At one point, he nearly managed to kill Dexter and even came close to skinning him alive. It was simply underused to make way for the character of Miguel Prado.

Oliver Saxon (temporada 8)

One of the show’s latest villains, Oliver Saxon caused Dexter’s family a lot of trouble. He’s the one who was finally able to kill Deborah Morgan, with all the damage constantly surrounding her. Of course, Deb’s death at the hands of Oliver was poorly executed and unjustified, but she still succeeded.

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As a serial killer, he has proven to be even more effective than Dexter, especially in situations that need improvisation. Oliver is better than Dexter at mimicking human emotions and is well trained enough to be able to kill an American Marshall and a highly decorated detective.

Jordan Chase (temporada 5)

So far, many villains in Right handed He didn’t show enough negative traits to be considered truly deplorable, but Jordan Chase is the most obnoxious among them. It’s definitely one of the most justified Dexter trophies in the series. Jordan Chase feeds only on young women, whom his gang kidnaps and rapes before putting them in barrels and killing them.

It doesn’t help that they have a front where they get an endless supply of vulnerable victims. Hence, Jordan Chase proves to be a fitting villain due to his depraved actions. At the end of the season, Dexter did the world a favor by getting rid of him.

Travis Marshall (season 6)

Travis Marshall caused a sensation in season six after introducing himself as the Doomsday Killer. That’s an even better nickname than Bay Harbor Butcher, and all thanks to the presentation of his murders. He usually exhibits his murders or crime scenes in biblical iconography, inspired by the Book of Revelation itself.

He doesn’t actually kill that many people, but his murder spree left behind so many strange complexities that he quickly became one of the most interesting and enigmatic villains in the series. Like Dexter, he has his own dark passenger who forces him to carry out his murder.

Arthur Mitchell (temporada 3)

It is not often that Dexter possibly knows someone who is better and has had much more experience than him. Therefore, Arthur Mitchell, also known as Trinity Killer, fascinated Dexter. Mitchell was an uncaught serial killer who grew up to be an elderly family man. Even one FBI agent called it a “myth.”

Sure enough, this got Dexter’s attention, and he even tried to reach out to Mitchell in hopes of learning some techniques and habits. Mitchell didn’t like that, naturally, and quickly discovered Dexter’s true identity. Yet along the way, his haunting mood swings and complex personality, along with John Lithgow’s flawless performance, made Mitchell a memorable serial killer.

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Brian Moser (temporada 1)

One of the reasons why Right handed It was difficult for him to present better villains is that it peaked in the first season. Brian Moser, aka The Ice Truck Killer, was such an effective, meaningful, and dramatic character that most of the following Right handed the villains simply paled in comparison.

Dexter’s long-lost brother also turned out to be a serial killer, just like him. The entire season unfolds like a classic black and white chess match between the two killers. It’s even made more exciting by the fact that they are brothers, and that their serial killer undertones lie only in Dexter’s fragile sense of morality. Hopefully the reboot captures the same idea again.

James Doakes (seasons 1 and 2)

Between Brian and Sgt. James Doakes, it is a difficult decision, but the latter managed to harass Dexter and was the first “normal” person to discover Dexter’s true identity through his own wits. While Brian was a creepy, individual serial killer, he didn’t share the same chemistry that Doakes had with Dexter.

What makes Dexter vs. Doakes work is that viewers often don’t know who to support between the two. Doakes sometimes advances with his natural arrogance and competence, but Dexter always finds a way to outwit him. Their contrasting ideals and personalities made the dynamics of their characters more entertaining than any relationship in the series. Doakes’ unorthodox – and sometimes unethical – method of solving and fighting crimes, as well as his penchant for treating Dexter like prey, is a highlight of the series that sadly ended too soon. Sadly, it appears that actor Erik King will not be reprising his role as James Doakes in Dexter: new blood.

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