Sunday, November 28

Compatibility of games with BattlEye like PUBG on Steam Deck will be achieved with an email

Little by little we are reaching the month of December in which the first players will be able to get their hands on Steam Deck, Valve’s pocket PC to play (or portable console, as you prefer to call it) that has raised a great expectation among gamers and lovers of new technologies.

As many of you know, this device uses a Linux-based operating system called SteamOS and you will be able to run most of the games in the Steam library (Linux compatible or not) thanks to a tool named Proton to be in charge of doing the “magic” necessary so that Windows games run on Steam Deck.

However, it is well known that Proton has certain problems to run some titles that they use anti-trapping systems like BattlEye, being able to leave out video games as played on the Valve platform as PUBG, Ark: Survival Evolved O Mount & Blade II.

Fortunately, Valve assures that this will not be a problem when your console goes on sale next month as “The integration of BattlEye into Proton has reached a point where all a developer needs to do with their game is ask BattlEye to enable it. The developer does not need additional work beyond submitting that request“.

That is, according to Gabe Newell’s company, the creators of titles such as those mentioned above they only need to send an email to the creators of BattlEye so that they can easily make sure that their games are compatible with Proton, so the decision to land on the Steam Deck will be solely and exclusively for the creators of these games.

Easy Anti-Cheat tambin ser compatible

BattlEye will not be the only third-party anti-cheat system to take advantage of the Steam Deck output to be compatible with Linux or Proton in general and with the console in particular since a few weeks ago Epic Games announced that its anti-cheat system, Easy Anti-Cheat, also be compatible with Proton and Valve’s Pocket PC.

In addition, Gabe Newell’s company has also launched a rating system so that players can easily know if a title is compatible with Steam Deck, having four different categories: Verified, Playable, Not Supported and Unknown.

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