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Back 4 Blood will integrate single player mode and will be offline | LevelUp

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The bet of Back 4 Blood It was not just anything because the game and its development team fall the weight of what they did at the time with Left 4 Dead. Since its debut, the title has seen ups and downs, but overall it has fared well, though perhaps not with the success of its spiritual predecessor. With the game now established on the market, the development team has revealed details on what is coming in the coming weeks and months, with good news for some players.

In December you can play Back 4 Blood offline and single player

Through the official Twitter account of Back 4 Blood, the development team revealed its map of updates for November, December and 2022. Initially, this month will see the arrival of updates that will be responsible for correcting bugs and improving the user experience in every way, this with the aim of providing the desired stability for the gaming experience.

Then, in December, an update will arrive with interesting changes and it is that the requests of the players who want to enjoy Back 4 Blood alone and without having to be connected, they will see their wishes come true. According to the information provided by the developers, next month a new single-player mode will arrive that, in addition to being offline, will take into account the progression of the players, so that it will seek to balance it in terms of progress, experience and achievements obtained with what what happens in multiplayer mode.

Finally, Turtle Rock reported that in 2022 there will be updates with new difficulty, new multiplayer modes and improvements of all kinds.

Back 4 Blood is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and PC.

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