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Art leaked from WB Montréal’s canceled game with Damian Wayne

Warner Bros. Games Montral launch Gotham Knights in 2022, but this was not always his first idea after launching Batman: Arkham Origins in 2013. It is known from art published in recent years that The studio explored a game starring Damian Wayne of which new illustrations appear from time to time; this is what has happened again.

The artist Goran Bukvic has published on his profile ArtStation a series of illustrations with designs of Batman. His description makes it clear that this is not concept art for the new movie of BatmanThe Batman– but for a game “canceled a long time ago. I had a lot of fun with this.” It does not mention the title but everything indicates that it is the WB project. Montral -in fact on LinkedIn confirms that he worked for the team- with Damian and Bruce who would have continued the story of Batman: Arkham Knight; In this world, Bruce’s son will be in charge of fighting Gotham crime and will have taken elements of Batman Beyond/Batman from the future, including some of his villains.

Damian Wayne Game Canceled Artwork Leaked

Project Sabbath se cancel sin razn aparente

However we know that sometime in 2016 the plans changed and it was canceled Project Sabbath, the codename of the game, to take a spin on the adventure we know today, Gotham Knights, where we will control one of Batman’s allies -Batgirl, Robin, Red Hood and Nightwing- with an emphasis on the cooperative. “The images match the description we had years ago,” he says. The Arkham Channel, an account dedicated to following the news of DC Comics games. Among the illustrations appears the design of the motorcycle that we use to move through the streets of the city, replacing the batmobile of Arkham Knight.

The reason for its cancellation has never been known since it was not officially announced either, and we do not know to what extent it was advanced in development – it has not yet been leaked gameplay-.

Damian Wayne Game Canceled Artwork Leaked

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