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Arcane Impressions: Our Thoughts on the League of Legends Netflix Show

Riot Games and Fortiche Productions have created an exciting animated adventure with Arcane.

Netflix and Riot have invested a lot of money in Arcane, the animated show that seeks to deepen the League of Legends universe and explore the backstories of characters we’ve never seen before in this way. From the opening moments of the first episode when Vi and Jinx cross the rooftops in search of a workshop to loot, it’s clear that Fortiche Productions is eager to expand this fictional world that both hardened MOBA players and curious newcomers will find fascinating. Surprisingly, it works.

It’s easy to get lost, but the production values ​​are so impressive and the performances so impressive that Arcane draws you in and refuses to let go. Arcane focuses primarily on the characters Vi and Jinx, voiced by Hailee Steinfeld and Ella Purnell. The two characters are left orphans after the tragic passing of their parents, and are taken in by the lower classes, finding refuge in the underground city of Zaun, where crime is rampant and people are not afraid to betray each other to make ends meet. of month. But they forge a new life, and they come to treasure it.

Above is Piltover, a dystopian city in love with its own decadence. Enforcers walk down the street, threatening to capture those who don’t belong, which includes our heroine duo, with the first few minutes following them and a motley group of friends trying to rob a workshop full of magical equipment. Each character moves with a cell-shaded sense of purpose. Facial expressions are emotionally resonant while punches land with a satisfying thud. An early chase sequence has a whole team of people being chased by guards, and you can really feel them slam into walls as they struggle to stay on their feet.

Arcane is intended to be an origin story for Vi and Jinx, which is possibly the smartest thing Riot could have done with a project like this. League of Legends is unwieldy by nature, so choosing to tell a smaller, more isolated story based on two of its most beloved characters avoids the pitfalls that often come with more ambitious adaptations. By reinforcing her focus, Arcane can make us care about her characters and this portion of her gigantic world. Time will tell if it holds the landing, but I think it could.

I’m not an expert on League of Legends, if anything, the franchise has always overwhelmed me, with much of its significant history and character moments stored away in supplemental material that I have no interest in reviewing. Arcane feels like a direct reaction to those complaints, starting the narrative in a place where he could grow to appreciate his characters and understand their motivations. I’m sure LoL experts will write a lot about this program that detects all hidden Easter eggs, but a decent majority of observers will be relatively newcomers; If my experience is something to go through, you are in good hands.

Vi and Jinx are on a mission to bridge the social divide between their struggling homeland and the illustrious city above, and how they can learn to wield magic in a way that ultimately gives them a chance to fight the ruling class. It’s not exactly an original story of perseverance, but it’s executed with such flair that its more innocuous plot elements are trivial to overlook. Things also get complicated as the plot progresses, with Vi and Jinx coming to represent diametrically opposite ideologies in which even I struggled to take sides, seeing the merit in both perspectives. I can see the allies turning against each other as the show continues, attitudes defined by both pain and righteousness, and I hope it continues to sport such a layered complication.

Watching Jinx start her life playing with firearms and explosives as a child before becoming a force to be reckoned with is so satisfying, the growth in her combat capabilities juxtaposed with the way she moves further and further away. of the group of friends who come to see her as a burden. While Arcane is clearly trying to explore the rich-poor dichotomy, he avoids the childish mistake of making the conflict so black and white. Those who grew up in prosperity find themselves blamed for crimes they did not commit, subject to a system that for years they have viewed as beneficial.

When the tables turn, it doesn’t take long for them to realize that this world needs to change for the better. Characters you know and love from the wider universe will meet in Arcane, and they will fight and seek to kill each other for what they deem right. Pieces like this would work anyway, but the show makes an effort to develop select backdrops and give its heroes a reason to stand out beyond their flashy looks.

Arcane’s visuals manage to mimic the game to an astonishing degree, turning the fluorescent fragments normally confined to sophisticated cinematics into a story that unfolds and dances off the screen. The selected motifs and thematic elements are reproduced to a laughable degree, with the show’s intent to establish a selection of wicked baddies for our heroes to take on as they become the characters we’re familiar with, but it’s what we are. you need a universe like this. if you expect to be successful on your first run. League of Legends has been one of the biggest games in the world for years, and it’s only recently begun to enjoy spin-offs and adaptations that treat the franchise for the behemoth it really is. I’d describe it as quietly popular, but Arcane has a chance to change that perception in a big way.

I don’t want to start releasing spoilers as part of my first impressions, but I’ll have more to say about Arcane in the coming weeks as future episodes roll in and the narrative begins to make its mark. But right now, this is a show worth seeing for League of Legends faithful, while also positioning itself in a place where newcomers can jump into their world and not feel completely lost. Certain locations and characters will pass over your head, but they’re worth preserving for the luscious visuals and evocative performances. This is not going to make me install a MOBA, but it does not try, and that is what governs.

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