Tuesday, December 6

Antonio Banderas’ cousin suffers a trauma when meeting his date: “Yoli, run away”

El restaurant of ‘First Dates’ has received this Tuesday a visit from a relative of the most international actor in Spanish cinema. Surname of Yolanda, a 51-year-old cook from Madrid, has caught the attention of Lidia Torrent, one of the waitresses from Cuatro’s dating show who sometimes also greets and welcomes diners. “Are you the family of Antonio Banderas?” you have asked. “Yes, we are cousins, his grandfather and my grandfather were brothers”, the diner has responded before meeting her date.

“The Banderas family, that we are very few here in Spain, We have some very peculiar features: the very lively slanted eyes, the fleshy lips … We have not had contact for a long time, but it is a heaven, it is a charm. I admire him very much, I have seen all his movies. I fell in love with my cousin Antonio Banderas when I met him for the first time when he was 15 years old “, explained Yolanda, who has defined herself as the perfect couple. “Everyone agrees that I am the woman that every man wishes he had because I am loving, attentive, honest …”, has assured.

However, Yolanda was genuinely disappointed when she first met her date. “Yoli, run away”, she has said herself when she saw enter David, a 51-year-old engineer from Madrid, by the door of the ‘First Dates’ restaurant. The appointment has not gone very well, especially on her part, since she has not liked anything that she has seen or heard. He, on the other hand, has tried to hold on to any excuse to believe that the date was going well.

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“I am a fan of outdoor sports, nature, I love the mountains”, Yolanda has signed up during dinner. “I know why they have put us together …. I love to go up the mountain, I consider myself a mountaineer”, David replied, who then confessed what he likes best about the mountain before the cameras of the program: “There is one thing that excites me a lot and that when I can and have someone I practice it with. It is making love in the mountains. For me it is a very rewarding experience.”

Although David would have liked to enjoy a second date with Yolanda, Antonio Banderas’s cousin has declined this possibility, at least with a view to having a romantic relationship, since physically he is not the type of man she likes. So each one has left the ‘First Dates’ restaurant as they have arrived, by their own side.


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