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Animal Crossing New Horizons: 10 Things You Didn’t Know Are In Update 2.0

The new Animal Crossing: New Horizons update is packed with content and quality of life changes. Fans may have missed these features.

Everyone has put their teeth into the huge 2.0 update to Animal Crossing: New Horizons after its early launch, and many islands are undergoing a refurbishment. But with so many new features, it’s easy to miss a few.

We all know about the big changes: Roost Cafe is open to the public, villagers can now grow and cook food, and Kapp’n has returned to transport players to new islands. There is so, so, so many more updates and additions Nintendo kept quiet that it’s hard to make a concise list – here are the overlooked changes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons which players may not even have found yet.

The above characters can be invited to the henhouse

The Roost Cafe has always welcomed villagers, in New leaf, villagers and special characters could come in and request a specific type of coffee, or sit at the bar to take a well-earned break from work.

New Horizons is no different. Every now and then, the characters come closer to take a breath. The amiibo cards can summon any visitor players want to the cafe, including older NPCs who haven’t officially returned: Gracie, Pete, and Dr. Shrunk, to name a few. Interestingly, some characters will bring others with them. Joan will bring Daisy-Mae, and Pelly or Phyllis will probably bring the other to enjoy the scene.

You can store DIY

The Happy Home Academy can finally turn our back on having ‘garbage’ in our homes: DIY cards can be kept in storage in players’ houses. There will no longer be patches of cards strewn across the beaches, and no valuable ground space invaded by houses.

This is just in time, as there are swaths of new DIYs available in the game, from furniture to food to fencing. New storage shed items can help with this, as if someone needs to pull out a replacement DIY card, they can access their storage by portable sheds.

Isabelle’s ad has been amended

Isabelle, everyone’s favorite little helper, now has a real purpose. For months now, their morning announcements have been lackluster and have omitted important information; It only mentions when it is a villager’s birthday or if someone is staying at the camp.

Now, Isabelle’s lighthearted speeches include any merchants or special visitors who have come to the island. in a random day. For example, if Kicks has settled in the Plaza, it will mention it, or that Saharah is wandering around with her rugs in hand.

Harriet, the hairdressing service is back

Hey Shug! Harriet is back at Harvey’s co-op with some sharp scissors. She doesn’t need any hard-earned Bells to get her going, which is good. Players can sit in their chair and receive a new hairstyle for free. And, if it’s something you’re not happy with, she will undo it right there for free too.

The hairstyles given will be remembered by the player and can be chosen on any dresser or mirror after a visit to Harriet.

The new villagers are NOT in the DLC

This topic has been the subject of discussion since update 2.0 and Happy home Paradise DLC came out. The fact that the two were released almost simultaneously did not help clear up any confusion.

Looks like eighteen in fact, the new villagers are hooked up to update 2.0 to Animal Crossing New Horizons, NOT the new DLC. They appear on mysterious islands or in camps (or from Amiibo cards if one is lucky enough to get some). They were thought to be from the DLC as shown in their ‘trailer, but they appear to be available to those who don’t have it.

Cooking recipes come from everywhere

It is a bird? It is a plane? No, it’s a balloon with another DIY recipe. But this time, it is a food recipe. In addition to being able to purchase Nook’s Cranny’s basic food recipes, players will start to find them on all of their islands.

Cookery recipes can come in bottles washed on the beach and from villagers at home, as can furnishings cards. Also, catching certain deep sea fish or ‘creatures’ will give the player an idea for a recipe with that fish.

Kapp’s boat rides are something to do a song and dance to

The waves of the sea are finally explorable thanks to the return of the mysterious boat excursions of Kappn. Players knew about this cherished resurrection, but what they didn’t know were some extra fun tidbits. While on the ship, Kapp’n sings his old songs, but Players can now clap and react. during them. Bis! This also includes being able to skip their show and go straight to the mainland, if the harmony is getting a bit boring.

It also turns out that some of the islands have a theme: Players have discovered vegetable islands, mushroom islands, and even a meteor shower island.

Celeste has new DIYs

Something that Nintendo kept very quiet in its Direct was that Everyone’s favorite night owl Celeste now offers even more recipes. So far, fans have discovered that they can get recipes for a star shard-shaped rug, as well as the coveted Starry Sky rug. There will likely be more, but players will have to wait and see which one they get.

Interestingly, on certain mysterious islands, there are shards of stars that cover the beaches and rocks. On these particular islands, Celeste’s recipes are also washed in bottles on the beaches.

Automatic hood dispensers are here

Finally. Players don’t have to rush back to Resident Services to retrieve some bells. One of the new rewards from Nook Miles is an ABD (Automatic Bell Dispenser) machine. These can be customized and placed anywhere on the islands. There is also a new ABD available on Harv’s Island, once the cooperative you have created is up and running.

However, the best part is that these ABDs work on other people’s islands. If players feel like shopping, they can borrow the machines on other people’s islands for extra cash.

Decor and furniture updates

One of the big draws of the new update is the sheer number of new items it has brought to the game (not to mention the additions that come with the Happy home paradise DLC too).

Just with the update, there are a few new features: When searching an inventory, players can now sort and choose by item type in each menu – for example, tables, chairs or beds. The carpet section has had a nice change as well, as it now shows the dimensions of each carpet. Perhaps best, however, is the ability to make an accent wall in any room by pressing X on a wallpaper.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons It was released on March 20, 2020 and is available on Nintendo Switch.

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