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An impressive mod turns Dark Souls into a Halo game | LevelUp

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The talent of the modding community never ceases to amaze us, as every day that passes we see more ambitious and impressive creations. Of course, there is also space for projects that border on the bizarre, but that are also extremely fun and admirable. Such is the case of a new mod for Dark Souls which turns the game into a third person shooter.

A few days ago, the popular youtuber and programmer InfernoPlus revealed “v2.0 Dark Souls: Remastest Mod”, a modification that brings the dizzying action of Halo to From Software’s magnum opus. As strange as this original concept may seem, your presentation video lets us see an ambitious product that required many hours of work.

Dark Souls meets Halo in this fun mod

This project is much more than a simple reskin of the weapons of Dark Souls, since its author was given the task of adding a third-person camera when pointing with any of the new firearms. As we see in the footage, the weaponry is inspired by what we can find in Halo.

InfernoPlus emphasized that each weapon in the game has its own individual set of custom animations, because not all pistols in Halo they have the same shape and size. Likewise, he learned to animate the characters of Dark Souls and put 100 new animations in the game.

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As if all the above weren’t enough, the creator of this mod also added 13 classic multiplayer maps from Halo in the From Software video game. Additionally, player-to-player invasions also received some very interesting changes.

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Luckily, this incredible mod, which required about 3 months of hard work, is 100% free and you can download it if you visit this page. Versions are available for the original version of Dark Souls, as well as the remastered one that debuted a few years ago.

But tell us, are you planning to give this project a try? Let us read you in the comments.

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