Wednesday, December 7

2K Games acquires the Valencian studios elite3d and Turia Games

2K Games, a publishing label owned by Take-Two Interactive, has announced the purchase of two Spanish studios based in Valencia: elite3d and Turia Games. The amount for which both companies have been acquired has not been specified, but it has been detailed what will happen to them in the future: will become part of the 31st Union, a study formerly known as 2K Silicon Valley that already revealed in the past its intention to open a new office in Spain.

Elite3d employees will become part of two new brands: on the one hand, they will create 31st Union Valencia, a study that will collaborate in the triple A that the company founded by the veteran Michael Condrey is developing and of which details have not yet been shared, while on the other hand it will be established 2K Publishing Valencia, a studio that participates in the internal projects of 2K Games working in fields such as animation, art, motion capture and other aspects of development.

This last group to form will be integrated into 2K Global Services together with the London, Texas, Novato and Montral teams. Although they are divided into two new brands, elite3d offices will remain the same and will serve as a workplace for both teams. For its part, 31st Union has welcomed the new team into its official blog and social networks:

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elite3d, a study with experience in triple A

elite3d was founded in 2005 by Oscar Ferrero and Jose Luis Queral and since then they have specialized in the technical aspect of development, collaborating with the creation of content for games such as Diablo II Resurrected, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, Hitman 3 O Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time, to mention some of the more recent ones. They have also worked on 2K Games games What Mafia III, a relationship that has facilitated their integration into the company’s ranks.

“We are immensely proud to form a team that is now at the forefront of our creative experience as we see our initial dream come true. We firmly believe in the vision, people and products of 2K, and we look forward to taking this incredible next step in our collective journey as employees of 2K and 31st Union, “said the founders of elite3d in a statement.

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