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10 TikTok Editing Apps That Surpass the Native Editing Interface

While TikTok is praised for its dreamy filters and fun effects, like all apps, it does have some limitations when it comes to editing tools. This is why the most popular creators turn to third-party apps to edit their videos to make them look more professional and polished. Whether you’re looking for different sounds, new filters, or unique effects, we’ve rounded up the best TikTok editing apps that can help you create awesome For You page-worthy videos.

Our Favorite TikTok Video Editors Right Now

If you’re tired of the same old popular filters and overused effects on TikTok right now, we invite you to expand your reach beyond the in-app editor and into the world of third-party tools. The following are our favorite TikTok editing apps right now:

  1. CapCut
  2. Zoomerang
  3. InShot
  4. Funimate
  5. Lomotif
  6. Magisto
  7. Vizmato
  8. VideoShow
  9. Video store
  10. FilmoraGo

1. CapCut – The Original TikTok Editing App

Formerly known as Viamaker, CapCut is an all-in-one editing app created by the company that founded TikTok in the first place. This free app features a huge music library with exclusively copyrighted songs, easy-to-use editing tools (like speed change, cropping, and reverse), advanced filters, trending stickers, and custom TikTok fonts that will make your videos stand out. stand out from the crowd.

Plus, the app’s magical effects, with titles like Dreamy, Retro, and Party, will add a creative touch to all your content.

CapCut on the App Store

2. Zoomerang: TikTok video editor

If you are new to creating videos on TikTok, Zoomerang is the app for you. Not only does this beginner app come with one-button editing tools, it also includes step-by-step tutorials showing you how to recreate some of the most popular TikTok video trends.

Free to download, this app also comes with 100+ effects, cool filters, music, and other ways to edit your videos. The free plan has limited features and a paid subscription is required to access all content in the app.

Zoomerang in the App Store

3. InShot: Edit TikToks your way

One of the downsides to in-app editing of TikTok is the inability to import your own music. But with Inshot, that’s no longer a problem.

This free HD video editing app and maker lets you choose from its library of audio clips or import your own music. It also has amazing editing tools (like background blur, crop, split, and cut), cool effects, and movie-style filters. The downside to the free version is that all created videos are watermarked, although there are in-app purchases available that will allow you to download your videos without a watermark.

InShot on the App Store

4. Funimate: edit TikTok videos with visual effects

Calling All Creatives – We have found your new favorite visual effects app. Funimate is a free app that comes with some of the most colorful, interesting, and aesthetically pleasing effects, transitions, stickers, editing tools, and filters to use on TikTok. Not only can you choose from over 100 advanced video effects, but you can also develop your own effects, allowing you to become a true creator.

Videos created with the free version of the application will have a watermark. However, in-app purchases are available.

Funimate on the App Store

5. Lomotif: music video editor for TikTok

Looking to add unique and off-the-radar music to your TikTok videos? Then take a look at Lomotif. This app has a huge music library featuring classic hits and emerging beats alike. Plus, its editing tools make it easier than ever to add a song to your video or photo montage. It also comes with filters, emojis, editing effects like hyperlapse, and the ability to import content from other platforms, including Instagram.

The downside to this app is that you can’t select a particular part of the song to play, and you have to pay a small fee to remove the watermark from your downloaded videos.

Lomotif in the App Store

6. Magisto – The Best TikTok Editing App

Do you want an app that creates a TikTok video for you? Enger Magisto. This intuitive app makes video creation as simple as pressing a button. Simply select the type of video you would like to make, upload your content (which can be videos, photos, or both), and let Magisto make a movie for you.

Magisto also comes with a library of music, effects, titles, videos and photos, branding colors, font customization, professional themes, and the ability to import your own music. It is free to download, but you must purchase a paid plan to access all features.

Magisto en the App Store

7. Vizmato: editing application for TikTok with voice modulation

Lots of cool features make Vizmato a great TikTok editing app, like cool background music, amazing visuals, retro filters, and customizable themes. But the voice mod tool is what makes this one so much fun. You can modify your voice to sound like a ghost, chipmunk, baby, and more. It also has some top-of-the-line tools to make lip syncing easy, plus the ability to upload your own music.

While this app is free to download, subscriptions and in-app purchases are required to access all of its features and tools.

Vizmato and App Store

8. VideoShow: TikTok video editing app

VideoShow is a classic editing app that is a great tool for making polished, professional-looking TikTok videos. Not only does it include a variety of simple editing tools, 50+ themes, a background music library, cool fonts, and unique filters, it also has a voice changer with a speed adjuster so you can add voice effects to your TikTok.

This application supports 30 languages ​​and is free to download. However, in-app purchases are available to gain access to additional features.

VideoShow on the App Store

9. Videoshop: a TikTok editor with everything you need

Videoshop is another classic editing tool. It comes with all the standard editing features like music, sound effects, video speed adjustment, filters, transitions, text, and cutting tools. It also has cool editing effects like imposing, which allows you to place videos on top of each other for a neat 3D look.

This app is free to download and comes with in-app purchases to access all features.

Videoshop in the App Store

10. FilmoraGo: TikTok video editing app with multitrack audio

Editing with FilmoraGO gives you access to tons of creative editing tools that can make your videos stand out. There are hundreds of different stickers, effects, and filters to spice up your content, as well as a huge music library full of popular songs and fun sound effects. It also supports multi-track video and audio editing, something the in-app editor from TikTok does not currently offer.

This app is free to download, but requires a paid subscription to access all features.

FilmoraGo on the App Store

With these apps at your disposal, there is no limit to the type of TikTok videos you can create. So get out there and make your day like no one else can!

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