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10 things only pro players know you can do in NHL 22

If you’re struggling with NHL 22, feel free to take advantage of these pro tips!

NHL 22 has hit the consoles of the world’s biggest hockey fans, and there’s a lot to dig into since the last entry in the NHL series. While many gamers have had a lot of time to delve into the many features and different modes the game offers, there are still many things that the average gamer may have overlooked.

It’s no shame to look for a couple of additional tips that can help any player take their game from rookie to star in no time. With a game as big as NHL 22, there will surely be some things that some players struggle to optimize with.

You can choose your favorite team in Be A Pro mode

NHL 22’s Be A Pro mode can be a bit tricky for newcomers to the series. There are many decisions to be made in a short period of time, and some seemingly small choices actually have somewhat large gambling implications.

Most NHL pros know that you can choose to play for your favorite hockey team in Be A Pro mode rather than try your luck with the other story options. Instead of selecting one of the first cups in the game, players can go straight to the NHL and select their favorite team.

For simplicity, switch to NHL 94 controls

Over the years, sports games have become increasingly complex both in terms of playability and control. While increased control options have made gaming experiences even more dynamic and realistic, controls can be cumbersome at times.

Even series veterans change their controls from time to time, and they know that newcomers to the series may prefer the NHL 94 controls. Simplifying the whole experience, the NHL 94 control scheme is a lot of fun to try for players of any skill level.

You can experience slightly different stories

The story that appears in Be A Pro mode can be relatively simple at times, but there are a few options players can take to make their experience a little more unique. There are slightly different ways to play each of your Be A Pro games, and they come with their own perks.

When you are deciding how to start your career, you will have the option to select between CHL, NHL, and Europe, all of which provide slightly different paths for your player character.

You can improve your player with salary benefits

During your professional career, you will have to deal with many other factors outside of the ice. One of the most important and valuable factors to use is the wage benefit system.

As you play the mode, your player will earn a salary from their current contract. That salary can go toward a host of different bonuses that increase your player’s various stats. Something as simple as a new car provides a permanent boost to your player’s speed and discipline stats. Make sure you spend your salary wisely.

If you want to change the game, press the options

Sports games have provided players with many adjustable play options for years, and NHL 22 is absolutely no different. Some franchise veterans prefer as close to reality as possible, and the easiest way to do that is to change a few settings.

If you don’t want a realistic experience, but an easier one, the options will be your friend again. Players have full control over almost every aspect of the game, from penalty frequency, difficulty, display options, and much more.

Practice your skills with the free skating option

Anyone who considers himself a professional at anything knows that everything takes a lot of practice. One of the most overlooked features of NHL 22 is the free skating option that allows players to practice just about anything they need to work on.

Newcomers will find the free skating option especially beneficial for practicing the game with numerous deke options. It’s a great way to adjust to new control schemes and even practice your break-away shots. There’s no shame in using a feature that will make any gamer an even bigger threat.

Change team strategies in HUT

There are several players who choose the latest sports games for their versions of the Ultimate Team mode. It’s a great mode that provides each player with a surprising amount of customization options for their personal gear.

Some players may find the HUT mode a bit more difficult than the rest of the game modes, but there is a simple solution to try. Changing the strategies your team uses in the mode will allow any player the flexibility to see which strategies work in different situations.

You can negotiate, but it may cost you

Players who work their way through one of the Be A Pro stories may find that they aren’t the happiest with the team they end up drafting on once they make it to the NHL. There is a way to trade with your preferred team or a new team just for fun.

The problem with attempting a trade is that it has the potential for a negative outcome, especially during your first year on the team. If you fail in a trade attempt, your player is likely to lose hundreds of valuable points because of the sympathy of your incredibly important team and your equally important management.

Increase the difficulty to get more points in Squad Battles

Many players want to maximize the time they spend playing NHL 22 and no one can blame anyone for that. There are many ways to make the most of your playtime in the various game modes, but one of the simplest is for Squad Battles games.

To earn as many points as possible in the shortest time possible, Players can increase the difficulty of their squad battle games to earn much more points than they would on lower difficulties.

Playing every day brings HUT rewards

One piece of advice anyone can hear from a professional in almost any field is that someone with true ambition should practice every day. NHL 22 does an excellent job of rewarding its players for coming back to the game every day.

One of the best bonuses is for fans of NHL 22’s HUT mode, as daily visits will provide players with free packages that can potentially house some rare rewards. Grinding the necessary coins and working at the auction house can be tedious, so free bonuses are always a good thing.

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