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What are the 6 new WhatsApp features?

  • The instant messaging application changes its name and incorporates improvements that make it much more efficient, faster and more comfortable for its users

The messaging app WhatsApp surprises again with new updates for improve the experience of all its users. A few days ago the platform became part of Metaverso, so his name is now WhatsApp from Meta. This name is the work of its owner Mark Zuckerberg, and has done so with the aim that all its brands can be within the same ecosystem.

The platform has taken advantage of this change to inform, through its profile of Twitter, of some of the functions that make it a messaging app more competent and comfortable.

These are the 6 main modifications:

Link preview

The first function allows users to preview the content sent to them and what it is not necessary to enter the link to know the context, since the links have been improved taking more space on the screen. This new function allows to know the context in a faster and more efficient way.

Since the stickers appeared on WhatsApp, a large number of people have used them to accompany a message or to respond when they did not know what to say in words. Now, with the new update, it is intended that the application knows how to predict which sticker is appropriate according to the message that you want to send (very similar to what already happens with emojis). But while this feature is considered practical, it can also become annoying.

Although it is not a practical function, in the update of the application there is a slight change and that is that now, every time you enter, the name of Facebook, but now you can read WhatsApp from Meta. This is due to the change of company made by Zuckerberg, which integrates Instagram, Facebook, Messenger and Oculus.

The dark mode that WhatsApp presents in the update can be observed, above all, in the floating bubbles when sending a message. The green color, which was much more intense before, now has a hue that more closely resembles gray. WhatsApp had already been announcing a possible new function in a dark mode for months.

Messages that disappear in 24 hours

With this latest update, WhatsApp users will now have the opportunity to chat and have their messages, whether from text, documents, audios or multimedia elements, are deleted after 24 hours.

Also with WhatApp Web …

Another new update that can be done with WhatsApp Web Its the be able to connect without the need for your mobile phone to be operational.

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Related news

Previously, for it to work, the mobile was needed to be turned on and connected to the network, but with this update (using the latest version of WhatsApp for iOS (, the version 2.2142.12 from WhatsApp for Android and the version 2.2140.12 of WhatsApp for Desktop) it is now possible to do it with the mobile turned off.

In addition, there is also the possibility of making calls and video calls from WhatsApp Web with the mobile offline.

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