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TLOU and Red Dead Redemption voice actors work on a new game | LevelUp

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Any videogame project in which actors of the stature of Troy Baker and Roger Clark are involved is to attract attention because we must not forget that they are those who gave voice to Joel de The Last of Us and Arthur Morgan from Red Dead Redemption 2, respectively. On this occasion, both actors have given something to talk about for their participation in what appears to be an ambitious project.

Fort Solis is developed by Fallen Leaf Studios and will debut in 2023

According to information from the Polish site Investor’s Zone, Troy Baker and Roger Clark are working on a new video game that is developed by a small team but talented enough to target AAA production values. The information indicates that it is about the game Fort Solis, developed by Fallen Leaf Studio, a company based in Poland and England, which is scheduled to debut in the first quarter of 2023; According to the representatives of the study, in early 2022 they will begin to talk with publishers and companies in search of the publication of the game.

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Fort Solis will harness the power and possibilities of Unreal Engine 5

The first details of Fort Solis point out that it is a game presented in third person perspective where 2 characters, Jack and Jessica, receive an SOS signal from a research center on Mars. Jack goes to the planet to find out what happened, but is greeted by a huge sandstorm that will complicate everything and start a series of events full of tension and suspense.

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Apparently, Fort SolisIn addition to being a single player game and betting on the narrative, it could appeal to elements of horror to give a particular touch to its story and development. Likewise, it was reported that the game will take advantage of the power and possibilities of Unreal Engine 5 to look spectacular, both in the modeling of the characters and in their settings.

Outside of what was revealed by Fallen Leaf, there is no further information on Fort Solis, but the fact that Troy Baker and Roger Clark is part of the project suggests that it is something, at least, interesting.

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