Saturday, November 26

This week in Animal Crossing: new update, new furniture, new glitches

It has been a great week for Animal Crossing; these are some of the most important stories.

It has been the biggest week in Animal Crossing: New Horizons since its launch. New update, new DLC, new characters… just a ton of content to go through.

Altogether, it has been an absolute pleasure for the community. The free update alone is packed with fan-requested features, and the DLC, Happy Home Paradise, is like a separate game unto itself. It hasn’t been without its hiccups though, and that much-loved DLC could have introduced a pretty major bug.

Public Service Announcement: Do not remodel a villager’s house with the door open in the Animal Crossing DLC

Happy Home Paradise is great, but this bug sure isn’t. Nintendo has instructed players not to redecorate a villager’s house while the airport gate is open, as this has been linked to a bug affecting the game. Furthermore, some players believe that it may even corrupt the saved data. Nintendo hasn’t confirmed this last point, but the team continues to insist that you should avoid decorating while accepting guests on its island, at least until a patch is released later this month.

Animal Crossing data miners have cataloged all 9,000 new items

We knew we would get a lot of content with the new update and the DLC, but I think we all underestimated how big it would be. 9000 items have been added to the game, and all have already been documented by fans in Animal Crossing World. Now, you can plan your new home well in advance as they have even included all the color variations that the new items come in. Since Nook only offers a few items per day, this is a real time saver.

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New Animal Crossing Villagers Are Already Selling 40 Million Bells

Nintendo isn’t the only one rolling in the dough after this Animal Crossing revival – players are selling their villagers by the millions. The new update introduced a number of new animal friends who can move to the island, and we happen to be an impatient bunch. Getting a specific villager to move in with you is a long and tedious process, and some players are paying up to 40 million bells to skip the wait. Shino the deer is in the lead by far, closely followed by Ione and Sasha.

Time-Traveling Animal Crossing Players Discover A Black Friday-Inspired Event Is Coming This Month

Time travelers have seen the future, and that meant Tom Nook made a lot of money. Animal Crossing has its own take on many real-world holidays, and now Black Friday is added to the mix, renamed Nook Friday. The event will take place from November 26 to 30 and will focus on all items in the store that are sold at a 30 percent discount. Luckily for time travelers, it seems like they can keep traveling back to the event whenever they want to pick up some items in a deal, as the game won’t check to make sure the event is meant to be live yet.

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