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The Waylanders delays its release to February 2 and introduces its 18 advanced classes

The Waylanders, the role-playing video game developed by the Spanish studio Gato Studio, was scheduled to release version 1.0 on November 16. The company, however, has made the decision to postpone this release date to continue working on polishing the project. They have now marked the February 2nd such as the day the game’s early access period ends.

“Throw The Waylanders this month will not provide the quality experience that our fans deserve, “he explains. Fernando Prieto, co-founder of Gato Studio, in a press release. “Although we have worked hard so that our patrons and our players of the early access received the RPG they were expecting before the Christmas holidays, we have conducted an internal analysis and concluded that our team needs a little more time to polish the game “

More than 30 hours of gameplay and 18 advanced classes

As in many other projects, the coronavirus pandemic has affected the work process and ended up postponing the launch of The Waylanders, that had previously been delayed for similar reasons: “Developing the game during the Covid era has been challenging for many studies, including ours, and throw The Waylanders in a hasty manner after 4 years of development would not please anyone“, explains Prieto, who highlights the amount of content in the project:”The Waylanders It will have over 2 hours of cinematics and over 30 hours of gameplay, and we want to provide the best possible version of the game to our community. “

To those hours of play we must add the number of classes that will be available at launch in The Waylanders, something that the study itself wanted to show in detail today with a new trailer in which we can see the 18 advanced classes for your characters (3 different advanced classes for each of the 6 basic classes available). You can see it below:

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Also, during Gato Studio’s extra development time keep updating The Waylanders on both Steam and GOG, platforms where it is available with early access. As explained in the statement, the next updates will improve several areas of the game currently available, such as the Cave of Eternity or the Fomore World, will add the translation and localization of the remaining text for multiple missions of the Celtic Era and will correct bugs and errors that have been reported by the community.

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