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The requirement for Oscar Pistorius to obtain parole




Ethe South African Paralmpic athlete Oscar Pistorius, jailed for murdering his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on February 14, 2013, may soon meet with her parents as part of the process leading to consideration of parole, according to the authorities and as reported by media such as the BBC.

After serving half of your sentence, in order to get parole you will first have to participate in what is called“restorative justice”, an opportunity for the parties to reconcile or apologize.

Reeva Steenkamp, ​​Pistorius’s girlfriend, next to him.AP

The athlete, an icon of paralympic sport until then and a double amputee since he was 11 months old, shot Steenkamp four times through a closed bathroom door the night of the events. After killing her claimed he mistook her for a thief at his home in Pretoria.

In September 2014 was sentenced to five years for manslaughter, but after the sentence was appealed in 2015, he was found guilty of murder andHis sentence was extended to 13 years and five months.

Recognize and take responsibility for their actions

It’s a statement, the South African Department of Correctional Services He recognized that he was talking to the Steenkamp family about a possible reunion with Pistorius. To grant parole in that country, offenders must “acknowledge and take responsibility for their actions.”

What Part of the restorative justice process there has to be “an opportunity for the parties to reconcile or an apology.”

The mother has always said that she has forgiven Oscar, but that does not mean that she should not pay for what he has done

Tania Koen, lawyer for the family of the murdered

“June (the mother) has always said that she has forgiven Oscar, but that does not mean that she should not pay for what she has done … Barry (the father) struggles a bit with that, but it’s something I’ll have to express at the right time. “, acknowledged the Steenkamp lawyer, Tania Koen, on the national radio station SABC. In turn, he explained that his clients “would like to participate in the dialogue between victims and aggressors.” “The wound, despite having passed so long, is still very much alive.”

Reeva Steenkamp's parents at trial.

Reeva Steenkamp’s parents at trial.AP

Being eligible for parole is not the same as being eligible for it And, therefore, it does not mean that you will be safe on parole. The authorities will also have to take into account a series of reports written by prison officials and other professionals.

The truth is that the family of the murdered is “very surprised and quite puzzled” by the fact that he was already eligible since they did not think this would happen until March 2023.

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