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The director of Eternals does not know if she would return for a sequel | LevelUp

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Eternals It premiered on November 4 in almost the entire world, and it has already become a real success. For this reason, it is striking that the director in charge of production, Chloé Zhao, has just declared that she is not sure if she would direct a possible sequel again.

The most recent MCU movie was one of the most anticipated for the desired introduction of new heroes in popular feature films. The film has been a total box office success and in just a couple of days it has already grossed more than $ 161 million, making it one of the best movie releases in the so-called post-pandemic era.

Chloé Zhao is undecided for an Eternals sequel

Thanks to the recent release of the film, Zhao gave an interview to the medium, where he spoke if he would participate in a possible sequel to Eternals 2 and replied that she was not sure:

“They encouraged me to make a good independent film, they encouraged me a lot to do that. I think now the movie belongs to you, not to me, and we want to see how this child grows up in this terrifying, wild and beautiful world. And then we have to watch and listen and learn and then see where we go from there. But I think maybe I’m wrong on this, but filmmakers, no matter the genre, tend to make the same movie over and over and over again. There are certain themes, there are certain things that I would continue to promote, I am very happy to be making films with 5 people again ”, said the director.

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According to Chloé Zhao’s statements, everything indicates that she does not want to get stuck in a single genre and will seek to explore other topics to continue telling fresh and unique stories, so see her again in a Eternals 2 It is something that could not happen, unless Marvel manages to convince her again.

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