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Streamer Maya Says She May Have Been Tricked While In Las Vegas For The Twitch Rivals Event

Twitch broadcaster Maya Higa explains why she thinks she may have been duped at the recent Twitch Rivals competition in Las Vegas.

Conventions and events have started to open again this year, and people have been making the most of the opportunity to socialize in real life again. While TwitchCon won’t happen in person until 2022, the Twitch The Rivals competition has more than 100 events scheduled for this year. And while it may be safer to be around other people now that there is a COVID-19 vaccine, there are still other dangers, as Twitch streamer Maya discovered last weekend.

Twitch Rivals is a competition where popular streamers go head to head in some of the biggest games on the platform. These events take place around the world, with the Ultimate Challenge taking place in Las Vegas on November 4-5. The competition consisted of 16 teams of two streamers, each of which faced each other in IRL events such as miniature golf and an obstacle course. , as well as digital games. Maya, who often does IRL broadcasts on Twitch, teamed up with QTCinderella and the duo finished in fifth place in the competition.

After returning from the Twitch Rivals event in Las Vegas, Maya did a “chat only” broadcast during which she revealed that she believed someone had cheated on her one night. “Something strange happened, but it wasn’t alcohol-related.” He went on to explain that once in college he had been given a roof and thus recognized the strange signs and sensations that can result from having a roof. One phenomenon that Maya repeatedly mentioned was the feeling of time skipping, meaning that she was awake all the time, but simultaneously there were moments that felt like they were moving fast and that she had no memory of. Maya summed up the story by saying, “It’s not a problem because I know nothing bad happened because I was with QT and Myth.”

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Later during the broadcast, which was not clipped, Maya also mentioned that there was a guy who had been giving her a weird vibe that night. He had asked if he could take her home and that made Maya uncomfortable. So she asked her Twitch streaming partner Myth to keep the stranger away from her. Later, when he passed out in the bathroom, the boy kept asking where he was. This doesn’t necessarily mean that this unknown person was the one who possibly put a roof on your drink, but it does raise the alarm. Fortunately, nothing regrettable happened to Maya that night; Unfortunately, whoever spanked her got away with it and may do it again with a girl who has no friends to take care of her.

This is not the first time that a streamer has reported that they have been misled while attending a Twitch event. In September 2019, during TwitchCon in San Diego, streamer KTLODO tweeted that she was misled during the convention. KTLODO took a blood test and the toxin report confirmed that he had traces of benzodiazepines in his system, a group of psychoactive drugs that reduce brain activity. Rohypnol, the brand name drug known colloquially as roofies, is a benzodiazepine, but others in this class of drugs are used more often than Rohypnol as tranquilizers for nefarious purposes. I hope there is no other Twitch streamers have to deal with issues like this.

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