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Spanish indie Treasures of the Aegean to premiere on November 11

The Spanish studio Undercoders and the publisher Numskull Games have announced that Treasures of the Aegean will be released in digital format next November 11th on PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. A physical version for the hybrid and PlayStation consoles will also be released later that will be available in both standard and collector’s editions, the latter including an art book with a comic, a cloth map and the soundtrack on CD.

Treasures of the Aegean is a 2D action-adventure game featuring puzzle, mystery, and a time-looped storyline. His graphic style is strongly inspired by the comics of the Franco-Belgian school like the Tintin Adventures O Asterix, while in video game influences we find titles like Tomb Raider, Mirror’s Edge O Prince of Persia. If you see the new trailer available below you will understand why.

Parkour, Minoan Ruins, and Time Loops

On Treasures of the Aegean We will have to enter the island of Thera, which has just emerged after a volcanic eruption. All We will investigate the enigmas of the Myonic civilizationBut we will do it in a dynamic way: “The players will have to fight their way through the most difficult terrain, jumping off cliffs, climbing walls, hanging from lianas and surfing the steepest slopes”, explain those responsible.

All this before the volcano erupts again, something that will not only cause the disappearance of the island but also the restart of the time loop. We will have to take advantage of this loop to unravel the mysteries of this wretched civilization by solving puzzle and follow the advice of new characters, historical figures and mythological legends that we meet throughout our adventure, which will also take us to places as peculiar as a sunken Ottoman fleet, a whale cemetery, a fortified citadel or a secret palace. underground.

Treasures of the Aegean be available November 11 on PS5, Xbox Series X / S and PC, where you can count on resolucin hasta 4K, and on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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