Wednesday, December 7

Sainz earns Ferrari respect




Carlos Sainz had such a devastating pace in Mexico yesterday that Ferrari overturned one of its maxims, that of ensuring places and points if its two drivers are together and not allowing them to go overboard. And even more so now that they play third place with McLaren. But Carlos was going like a flash after an exit run over by the Bottas montonera, from which he recovered after visiting the grass with a great overtake of Giovinazzi, and then with a frenetic pace after the first stop.

So the order to Leclerc, who took advantage of the chaos of the exit to pass him, was clear: If you cannot go to Gasly’s room, leave Carlos with fresh tires. And Sainz lowered the handicap, but not enough. Gentlemen’s agreement and position ‘redeveloped’ to Leclerc, which now scores 7.5 points on the table. But Ferrari shows respect for his new driver, who finally gave him a ‘pit stop’ in conditions: 2.3 seconds.

“I think this has been seen in many other teams. What is important is that we have confidence in the team to do it and we respect the team orders because it will happen later in the season or in the next few years that we are in the situation as well. that as teammates and as a team tWe have to have the confidence to change positions on the track, as we have done in other races and I think we have executed well today, “he added.

Carlos himself felt strong enough to announce by radio that “Leclerc is making mistakes to prevent him from reaching him”, and without any problem the team agreed, perhaps a little late. “S, nOr am I going to lie: I lost two or three seconds ah that as a team we have to see how we do to improve it maybe for the next one, but It is very difficult to know if he could have overtaken Gasly if he had won that place before“.

What is clear is that for now they demonstrate great teamwork, something that Sainz did with Norris to raise McLaren where it is now. “I do not have to prove again that I am a ‘team player’, I have always been and Ferrari right now is more important than either of the two,” closed the Spaniard.

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