Friday, November 25

Resident Evil 2 Remake Gets Impressive First Person VR Mod

Resident Evil 2 Remake, one of the most successful and sold installments of Capcom’s long-running survival horror saga, receives a spectacular mod for its PC version that allows play the title in first person and in virtual reality. This news does not come to us again, since at the end of last month we highlighted that the mods to be able to play the Resident Evil developed in RE Engine in virtual reality were already underway, and it seems that the version of the remake of the second numbered installment is at a very advanced stage.

The mod has been developed by him mud Praydog and this first gameplay complete comes to us from Eurogamer. As we indicated in the news last month, this incredible mod has support for motion controls and the ability to switch to a first person perspective very similar to that of Resident Evil 7 O Resident Evil 8: Village. Unfortunately, the mod has not yet been officially released and is not available to all users who want to try it, although this version in development helps to get a sense of the project’s ambition.

Looks like it was developed with virtual reality in mind

The gameplay In question shows us Claire Redfield’s campaign and allows us to take an in-depth look at the detailed rooms of the enormous Raccoon City Police Department or RPD for short. As you can imagine, the virtual reality mod allows a much more palpable feeling of immersion than the third person of the original title. It is true that there are certain details that indicate that it is a preliminary version that lacks some details to be polished, although the player who was able to test the mod first-hand highlights that the scenarios look scandal in virtual reality and that zombies are more imposing.

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