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Red Alert 2 fan expansion completed after 15 years

After 15 years of development, a team of mods is releasing their final update for the Command and Conquer Red Alert 2 Mental Omega mod.

Command & Conquer, and particularly his Red alert spin-off, used to be one of the most popular franchises in games. The growing disinterest and underfunding in real-time strategy games accelerated Command & Conquershelves, but pockets of dedicated fans who love the Westwood-developed series remain. Few, however, love Command & Conquer like the modders behind Mental Omega, a modding project for Command & Conquer: alerta roja 2 which is now finished after more than 15 years of development.

The announcement was made on Twitter by Mental Omega lead designer Speeder, who confirmed to his followers, “The job is done.” In early November, Speeder and his team uploaded version 3.3.6 of Mental Omega to ModDB, the final version of a massive mod for Command & Conquer 2: alerta roja 2‘s Yuri’s revenge expansion. The free mod features a massive “mega-campaign” of 133 missions spread across four different factions.

This specific update to Mental Omega, an update to 3.3.6, includes nine missions, a new game mode in which all RTS players start in the center of the map called “Land Grab”, 40 standard maps, 10 “Land Grab” maps, 2 “Island” maps, 5 variant “KOTH” maps, new units and buildings, new artwork, massive mod balance changes, and much more. It’s the first update in over a year, but for Command & Conquer fans, it will be worth the wait.

The most impressive thing about Mental Omega is not just its size, but the dedication of Speeder and the other developers who have worked on the mod over the years. It’s one thing to love a game so much that someone will spend their time creating a mod, but it’s another thing to work on a mod for over 15 years. For context, that’s longer than the official one. Red alert The franchise never lasted.

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Interestingly, as excited as fans are for the new and latest update to Command & Conquer: alerta roja 2in the Mental Omega mod, you are also wondering what will happen next. Mental Omega offers two campaign acts, with some fans already wondering if there could be a third. Speedy and his team definitely deserve a break, but maybe they’re more excited than ever for more RTS modding.

To its credit, Electronic Arts has tried to keep the Command & Conquer franchise lived in varying degrees over the years. In 2020, it launched the Command & Conquer: Colección Remastered, with a reboot attempt on mobile devices in 2018 called Command & Conquer: Rivales. For the continued support of Command & Conquereven when their future is more uncertain than ever.

Command & Conquer: alerta roja 2 is available on PC.

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