Friday, November 25

PlayStation Direct, Sony’s online store, opens in Germany and soon in more countries

Sony Interactive Entertainment has opened the PlayStation Direct online store for Germany. It is an official website with the sale of games, accessories and consoles available in the United States since September 2019 but that had not yet reached Europe. In the last year it has gained special importance due to the sale of PlayStation 5, since it offers registration to reserve some of the units of the console as new stock arrives – and it still does, given the high demand.

Germany is the first country on the continent to have access to this version of PlayStation Direct and then start to reach other countries, with United Kingdom, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg shortly. At the moment there is mention of Spain, Italy or Portugal, but presumably they will also enter Sony’s plans, even if it is later.

In May there was talk of its expansion to several European countries throughout this fiscal year, the same ones mentioned by the German Twitter account and therefore without reference to the Spanish market.

Sony aims to triple the success of PlayStation Direct this year

Last December Sony offered jobs to continue the “successful launch” of PlayStation Direct in the United States on European territory. “PlayStation Direct has achieved significant revenue in the US in less than a year,” Jim Ryan said at the time. “The forecast is to grow 300% this fiscal year, starting with the next launch in Europe.” Sony brought in more than $ 5 million in sales with this store in fiscal 2019, more than $ 200 million in fiscal 2020, and it is expected to reach $ 600 million this year.

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