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Nicki Nicole ‘threatens’ to leave ‘El Hormiguero’ because of Pablo Motos




Pablo Motos has received this Monday for the first time on the set of ‘The Hormiguero’ to the Argentine singer of urban music Nicki Nicole. The young artist born 21 years ago in Rosario, who has 10 million monthly listeners on Spotify and has achieved nine Platinum Records in Spain, has presented in the entertainment program of Antenna 3 his new album titled ‘Part of me’.

After listening to a fragment of ‘Sabe’, the new single from ‘Parte de m’ in which she has had the collaboration of Rauw Alejandro, Nicki Nicole has told what were the first steps she took in the world of music, that He gave them by doing cockfights, also called ‘freestyle’ battles. “It’s a competition in which the one who raps the best is the winner”, has explained the first guest of the week, who has clarified that she never competed on a large scale, but that she always did it with friends. At that moment, Pablo Motos has challenged the artist to a ‘freestyle’ battle and she has accepted the challenge without hesitation.

“We have now arranged to do a ‘freestyle’ battle where you have to improvise things. You are the professional and I will do what I can”, Pablo Motos has pointed out, who has made it clear that ‘freestyle’ is not his strong point, neither when singing nor when dancing, as Petancas has reproached him. “Really, it’s not even the movement … You haven’t sung yet and you already know you’re going to do it fatal”, the ant has reproached him. Despite the advice of Nicki Nicole, the presenter of ‘El Hormiguero’ has not improved and there has come a time when the Argentine singer has discovered him cheating. “They are telling you, they are telling you”, has denounced the guest, who has risen from the table. “See you, thank you very much”, he said, unable to contain his laughter as he made him tear himself away from the audience. “Come here, come here. I have no idea”, Requena’s has been justified, who has continued with the program after the ‘freestyle’ battle was starred by Barrancas and Nicki Nicole.

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Nicki Nicole, in the process of going vegetarian

Nicki Nicole has related that at the end of the cockfights they let her play songs and that Duki, a rapper from Buenos Aires, is the culprit because she is who she is today. “I made my own song, Duki was one of the first to share it and that changed my life. I switched to a night school to dedicate one hundred percent to music”, ha sealado. “They began to ask me for photos everywhere, I changed everything completely and a whole dream began … Now I think I’m also dreaming”, Argentina has continued, which is in the process of becoming a vegetarian. “It is very difficult because before I eat meat, but over time I began to inform myself and I began to not like it. My idea is to leave it completely one day”, has indicated.

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