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Metroid Dread is not the final end of the 2D saga according to Yoshio Sakamoto

Yoshio Sakamoto, producer of Metroid, recently gave an interview for CNET in which he commented different interesting aspects looking to the future of the saga starring the most famous bounty hunter in video games. Among other things, Sakamoto has commented that he would be delighted that Nintendo made a Metroid movie in the future, and has taken advantage of the talk to clarify that Metroid Dread, the successful new installment developed by MercurySteam, it doesn’t have to be Samus Aran’s last adventure, at least in the realm of the two dimensions (goes Gaming Bolt).

Sakamoto feels that Dread is not the final ending

As long as the character of Samus exists, I think his adventure will continue. I feel like Samus should continue her adventure, and that is something we really need to do our best. Metroid Dread concludes the five-game arc that has been going on for 35 years. However, I feel like it’s not the final ending. There should be something that the franchise and the universe can continue. So yes, as long as the character of Samus is loved, I would like to do more “, Sakamoto explained in a statement that will move more than one fan who might have thought that Metroid 5 It would be the last chapter in the 2D saga.

The irreproachable success in terms of Specialized criticism and the good sales that the title has been reaping since its launch could be two good reasons why Nintendo wanted to expand the stories that may remain to be told about Samus. Hopefully, that is, in case you want to continue the saga beyond Metroid Dread Let’s not have to wait almost two decades to receive a new video game and that the story that we are told in this future continuation duly expands the universe and the lore.

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