Friday, November 25

Mass Effect 4: BioWare shows new art from the next chapter in the series

Yesterday, like every November 7, BioWare celebrated the N7 or day dedicated to remembering the saga Mass Effect. This has been a fairly quiet event in terms of news but the developer has managed to re-engage her fans with Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, the collection that remasters the three classics of the past generation that has left a better flavor in the community than Mass Effect: Andromeda, the title of 2017 -a good RPG but that did not live up to the triloga-. After revealing a series of statistics about the saga, the event ended with concept art for the new Mass Effect.

With Legendary Edition for sale and a development that is still in its early stages, the BioWare team has not been able to show more material than a poster that serves to remind us that after the next Dragon Age get the role of science fiction. In this art we can see several characters that leave their ship to explore a crater with a whimsical shape: reminiscent of the silhouette of a geth head, the race of artificial intelligence, something that will undoubtedly give rise to speculation about the history of the game.

BioWare trusts its two major projects

Despite the march of key figures at BioWare, Electronic Arts trusts the studio and the two announced games. “A team of veterans has been working on shaping the next chapter in the universe of Mass EffectCasey Hudson commented in 2020. “We are still in the early stages of development and can’t say more yet, but we can’t wait to share more details with you.”

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His first teaser is computer generated and serves to confirm that, sometime in the next few years, we will return to explore the galaxy with a new Mass Effect.

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