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Hideki Kamiya shows interest in creating an Okami sequel ‘someday’

Hideki Kamiya is known for his multiple action games, including the first Devil May Cry, Bayonetta O Viewtiful Joe. He was also the director and creator of an action RPG at Clover Studio that eventually became a cult classic: Okami. This adventure debuted on PlayStation 2 and later it was adapted to multiple systems with different remasters and even a delivery for Nintendo DS but without your participation, Ōkamiden -his producer, Motoshide Eshiro, defines it as a spiritual successor and not a sequel-. In statements to the channel Cutscenes, Kamiya has shown his interest in creating this sequel, although it is something to depend on Capcom.

“When I was doing Okami I never thought I’d leave Capcom and work somewhere else, “acknowledges the director.”Okami was created with several ideas and I thought about things that were not included, and since I might have an opportunity to rework the game, I was able to go ahead and expand on certain aspects, hint at them, and answer player questions while giving clues as to how the story would end. ” did not meet commercial expectations, Capcom canceled plans for the sequel, and Kamiya left for PlatinumGames.

Discarded ideas that will see the light in the sequel

Kamiya comments that when developing a new game many ideas arise in the middle of the project, but when you are in the final stretch these concepts can no longer be used due to calendar problems or the need to change already closed systems: “Then you start to say: let’s put this we couldn’t this time in its sequel”.

Some of these ideas were related to the Celestial Brush, the tool that the player uses to “paint” on the stage and attack, cut or interact with enemies and the environment. “We talked about how we could have time to further develop – the paintbrush – in the sequel, make it more fun and relaxing. Obviously we want to do a sequel. In the end things turned in another direction. Okami it was not a commercial success, it did not sell many copies. However, it gradually became a critical success, received positively by many people. “

The remasters were able to reach more players and be discovered by people who had not had the opportunity to do so at the time. “It increased the community of players and that more people enjoyed it. At the same time, I started to see people asking for certain points of the story that we left open, asking for a sequel. The more I see, The more I feel like it’s an unfinished job. I have a part inside of me that tells me that I need to address it sometime. I want to do it some day. “

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