Tuesday, November 29

Halo Infinite explores the Master Chief’s team in two live-action shorts

Barely a month to go until the launch of Halo Infinite, the new installment of shooter 343 Industries sci-fi program that will arrive on 8 de diciembre a PC, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One y Xbox Cloud Gaming. The marketing machinery of Microsoft is at full power, and in this context they have released the series of live action short films UNSC Archives.

It is a series in which, as it seems at the moment, the origin of the technologies that shaped the Master Chief and the rest of the Spartan, all with high production values. In the first of the videos, Unspoken, a UNSC soldier narrates in sign language how a comrade saved many people from an attack by the Jackals thanks to a technology that would later become the energy shield the master chief.

The second video, Project Magnes, presents the investigation of an engineer who, in isolation due to the Covenant attack and estranged from her daughter, develops with effort and innumerable tests the Grappleshot, the new hook for the Master Chief to count on in Infinite that serve both to grab objects from a distance and to move at full speed through the campaign and multiplayer scenarios.

New details of Halo Infinite

During the last days we have known several novelties of the two aspects of Halo Infinite, for example, how battle passes and events of the free multiplayer, and how do you structure and play the campaign, which promises more freedom than ever before in the series and having RPG elements to customize the Master Chief.

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Halo Infinite will be available on December 8 on PC (Microsoft Store and Steam), Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One. cooperative way for the campaign and the Forge mode will not be ready at the premiere, but will arrive later along 2022 accompanying the launch of new seasons.


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