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Forza Horizon 5: The goal is to create ‘the friendliest and most welcoming community’

“The friendliest and most welcoming community”, a world in which you never “feel stress, in which you never perceive that there are people with problematic behaviors.” Those are the objectives of Playground Games with the multiplayer from Forza Horizon 5, something that goes along the same lines as the rest of the game’s sections: progressing through the campaign to taste; that almost any activity, be it participating in races, exploring the world or taking photos, reward; that the use of aids and playing at low difficulty does not penalize, but making the game more difficult grants more experience points.

Ben Thaker-Fell, diseador principal de gameplay of the open world driving arcade that premieres this November 9 On PC, Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One (included in Game Pass), he told us in an interview by Zoom that the goal with this fifth installment was take social functions further that have always been part of the driving saga: “Our philosophy for the multiplayer of Forza Horizon 5 it’s the idea of ​​creating the friendliest and most welcoming community we can. “

“The social part of Forza Horizon 5 It’s a world you can jump into where you will never feel stress, where you will never perceive that people are exhibiting problem behaviors, where you never get to a point where you really want to get out [del modo online] or make the game single player, “continues the designer.” The philosophy is that hopefully none of the other players will do anything or get a chance to do something that puts you in that attitude. It’s friendly, welcoming, and frictionless“.

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One of the functions that contributes the most to this is Come on Link, a kind of automatic chat in the form of a pop-up menu accessible from the main game screen. “The goal with this is to make join other players and play together have so little frictions as possible, “he says Anna Poliakova, dissident gameplay.

Forza Horizon 5

“It makes it so easy to just ask someone, ‘Hey, do you want to participate in a Playground activity?’ or ‘Do you want to do a cooperative expedition?’ And that they answer, ‘Yes!’, And in a few seconds you are playing together. The designer continues: “So you don’t need to go to interface menus, you don’t need to invite them to your caravan or drive to that event that’s going to start. Makes play [juntos] be very, very easy“.

Giving away cars altruistically

Poliakova speaks of another mechanism that contributes to creating a “friendly and inclusive community”: the possibility of gift cars to other players. “Maybe you’ve found a car you already own or just feel good that day, and do you want to share your design and tuning with someone. So gifts allow you to send it to another player, and you can select a category. “

Forza Horizon 5

“[Puedes] send it to a new player to help him with the game or you can show your appreciation for community contributors who make a ton of content … This creates this really cool experience of a stranger doing something good for you, making your day special, and hopefully, you want to do it too by someone, “concludes Poliakova.

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“It is not focused on winning, but on shared experience”

The designer of gameplay explains how the cooperative multiplayer Horizon Tour has been designed with these same keys in mind: “It allows players of different skill levels play together and enjoy. It is not focused on winning, but on shared experience. You drive against drivatars, so if you’re not really good at the game, you can have someone on your team who is amazing and who is going to help you. “

Forza Horizon 5

“But even if you don’t, even if you lose, it’s against drivatars, and it’s more about the experience of going from one part of the world to another, you have these moments of free driving in between where there is no time and you don’t have to compete against anyone, you can simply enjoy sightseeing together“.

Tracker-Fell mentions, in addition to the Horizon Open Traditional PvP, other multiplayer modes designed with accessibility as a priority, such as Horizon Arcade, a kind of public events always take place in the open world with minigames of different types to which everyone contributes, a lot or a little depending on their ability; and The Eliminator, “our i> battle royale, but which is an easily enjoyable mode, where winning isn’t everything and where we don’t celebrate someone’s defeat by taking things away from them.”

Forza Horizon 5 It’s one of the best driving arcades that can be found “, we said in our analysis. “In certain respects, like his amazing and diverse open world, its much improved progression system, the adaptability to the tastes of each player of the general experience, the variety of options for the online game, the deep tool of EventLabs content creation, and its spectacular audiovisual section, is the best title that the British Playground Games have cooked up “.

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