Saturday, December 3

Fortnite removes an ’emote’ of Travis Scott after the death of eight people at his concert

This weekend the Astroworld festival was held in Texas and during the rapper’s concert Travis Scott there was an incident that caused the death of eight people. The causes for the avalanche that in addition to the deaths has left more than 300 injured attendees are still unknown, but while the investigation continues, a coincidence has occurred that has to do with Fortnite and Epic Games: Today the sale of a dance by the artist was planned in the ‘Diary’ section of the battle royale and in fact it has been possible to buy for a while until the company has removed it.

As they point out from Eurogamer, it is very likely that Epic Games would have marked today as a good time to sell ‘Out West’, a emote inspired by Scott’s song of the same name and which in fact includes an excerpt from the original theme; most likely the intention of the company was to highlight this content in the daily section of Fortnite to coincide with the closing of the festival, all without knowing, evidently, the incident that was going to occur at the rapper’s concert.

The daily store of Fortnite stay closed until tomorrow

The Travis Scott Dance has been available for a while in the Daily Store at FortniteSomething that many players have considered in bad taste considering the magnitude of the incident and that, in addition, both the rapper and the organization continue to be investigated. The support division of the battle royale has quickly taken steps to eliminate that emote of the store, but they have finally opted for close the daily section throughout the day and not reopen until the next update, that is, until tomorrow.

It remains to be seen if Fortnite and Epic Games take action beyond this temporary removal, if the emote Travis Scott is back in stock and if your skin it is re-sold or not.

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